Mobile application development

A custom mobility solution for your business.

Small or big, if you own a business and you think that a mobile application is not at all needed for your enterprise, then you might need to think once again! Having a mobile app to exhibit and market your products and services bags the entire hullabaloo for a reason. It might have begun trending now, but is a tried and tested methodology for quite some time. And every single entrepreneur worth his money would swear by it.

If surveys are to be believed, every individual owning a phone in the USA or India is found to be checking it at least once or twice every hour; out of which, 90% of the smartphone time is devoted using mobile phone apps. Another survey claims that Americans spend more time gazing at their smartphones than watching television. That implies the importance smartphones have acquired in our respective lifestyles. And thus, smartphone apps need to be given importance to as an effective marketing tool for companies of all sizes and might. And with the need for an efficient mobile app rises the need for a good mobile app development company.

With a quest to hire mobile app developers from all across the world, Goteso aims to deliver mobile apps that are bug-free and worth every penny of yours.

It is a misconception of many business owners that maintaining a mobile app can be an expensive and difficult deal. However, the fact is the other way around. With so many technologies booming every day, you need not fret for the development or maintenance of mobile apps. A mobile app development company curates apps that can actually boost online engagement with customers for your business and provide your enterprise the recognition like never before.

The need of the hour is to get business owners out of the illusion that mobile app development is cumbersome and needs a lot of efforts to be taken care of. With app development tools and techniques, you can simplify the entire process that is pocket-friendly too. The development is easy, the bugs can get fixed in a jiffy and you can build a brand reputation in the market. Here, we give you a few reasons for why you need a mobile app for your business:

Build brand and recognition

A mobile app contributes a great deal to your brand awareness. A majority of the smartphone users are found busy on their respective phones, your presence on those smartphones will make them recognize you and your enterprise. The more people get to know about your products, the more inclination is driven towards your product. And for all that, you need to develop features in your app that is of the customers’ interests.

Provide value to your customers

Implement the age-old loyalty program on your app. Let your customers collect reward points to get value for their money and time in lieu. The outcomes? You get a number of downloads and customers.

Create a direct marketing channel

Digitalizing has become the pet topic these days. And the biggest advantage of a mobile app is that it displays all the information you want to provide the customers. From your products, services, and ongoing deals, you can bring them all to the fingertips of customers via your app.

Stand out from the competition

If you want to stand out of the crowd in this saturated market, you must offer users what they really want. With diverse features and advanced approach of your app, offer a unique experience to your users that they can’t get anywhere else.

Cultivate customer loyalty

Always! Always be at the fingertips of your customers. Efficient Customer Engagement forms the basis to cultivate customer loyalty. Also, make visiting your app a rewarding experience for your customers. You can do this via offering discounts, coupons or vouchers. Be a pioneer! Generate a closer connection, allow your customers to get personal and watch your business be the true winner!