Journey of Gotesors

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GOTESO® is a trusted technology solution partner for entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, and large enterprises due to its flexible business models. We have started our journey in Dec 2013 from a single inspirational room where our deliverable stack was small and limited only to graphics and web designing. The clients were happy about getting the quality services but we were expecting to dig more into the technology things.

This was a time when “On Demand” apps were coming into the market after the successful launch of “Uber” in March 2009. Every industry was expecting the “On-Demand” solutions for their unique verticals. But, due to lack of resources, high development rates, and limited awareness about the technologies/platforms, things were not as easy as wanted by the startups and SMEs.

With such a surge in the “On Demand” solution market, we had seen the future of our deliverable plate, now web apps / mobile apps, UI/UX, analytics panels, and POS had become part of our deliverable stack.

A race was still pending because we had found the solutions for the SMEs and large enterprises but were unable to deliver the services to the entrepreneurs and startups which ends in 2017 when we had created the SAAS-based product & service delivery solution at an affordable cost.

After seeing so many up-downs in our journey, now we have an “On-Demand” technology solution for every kind of business stage. Now, our company is in the development pipeline of AI-based robotics and drone delivery solutions that can make human life easy and comfortable even in a pandemic situation as well.

Flexible Engagement Models For IT Services

Goteso has various engagement models that are customized according to the clients requirements.
Let’s see which model can really suit your business specifications.

Fixed Price Model

If your project requirements are small / medium in size then you can start with the fixed budget model without worrying about the number of hours spent by each team member.

Time and Material Model

This model is best suited if your project requirements are not fixed yet, or/and if it changes frequently. In this T&M model, you will get the bill according to the number of hours invested by each team member.

Milestone Based Model

Before starting any project, you can break the project into various milestones / benchmarks and make the payment accordingly after achieving each milestone.

Virtual / Remote Team Model

Now, you can build a remote / virtual team and hire the best minds all over the globe. Get the best designers, developers, testers, marketers and managers at budget-friendly rates.