This article is an attempt to give a clear vision to those who are searching the company for best Industrial Training in Mohali.
Digitization and globalization are disrupting the IT industries at an unprecedented pace. If we have a look at the current industry trends in mobile app development, web development or digital marketing – the future is uncertain, yet it is full of career opportunities for the candidates who are seeking jobs in the IT company. But what kind of candidates get jobs?

Of course, those who have great practical as well as theoretical knowledge! These days it has become very difficult to get a job and survive in the corporate world without technical knowledge of the respective domain. Moreover, there is nothing special included in the academic syllabus which can increase the technical knowledge of the students. That’s why the aspirants prefer IT training so that they can be technically sound and understand the technology quickly and get a job in highly reputed IT company as soon as possible.

Whether you are a graduate still deciding on what career path to follow or you have been working for a number of years but want to do something different or looking for the best industry for the 6 week training program, vocational training in a leading MNC is what you are looking for. The ultimate goal of 6 month internship program is to support the aspirants in the challenges they face and help them to reach their career goals.

At some point during the studies, the students may have many questions in their mind about their career. Being a fresher, the career questions which generally rises in the student’s mind are-

  • What should I do after graduation? Is IT training a right decision?
  • Which industries will hire me after industrial training?
  • Which is the high paying job profile?
  • Is investing in the industrial training worth?
  • What will I learn during my Industrial training?
  • Which company can provide the best six months industrial training in Chandigarh?

Here the team of expert trainers tries their level best to unlock the doubts and queries regarding the job-oriented internship program.

Make a roadmap for the beginning of a successful career

Understanding your skills and interest is the very first step towards choosing the right career path. To achieve perfection in what you enjoy, what you are good at and what you value most is very important before exploring the possible career opportunities. For example, if you have an interest in PHP, you can upgrade your skills by getting industrial training in PHP where you could learn its various frameworks like Laravel, Yii, CodeIgniter etc. With the basic knowledge of Java, you can get hands-on knowledge of its advance version. If you have a keen interest in marketing, you can make a successful career in digital marketing. In this way, with IT training you can attain the perfection and reach your career goal faster.

Check the credibility of the company

How do you know whether the company you are considering for training is reliable and trustworthy? Its training fees may be low but you will never want to throw even a single penny in a fake company. Thus before investing in the company

  • Check the online reviews by the candidates.
  • Check the previous trainees’ feedback.
  • Check the official website of the company and their portfolio.

Well-planned & advanced training methodology

The technological advancements have brought many advancements in the training industry. The company you choose for industrial training must use interactive methodologies through which you can grasp the concepts nimbly. They can provide you with free e-books, online tutorials etc. Moreover, to offer in-depth knowledge of the subject, they can impart your training with the live project working on the presentation. The trainers can take the training method to a new level by including the group discussions and frequent meetings in the training curriculum. This approach adds the engaging experience to the training program.

Provision of free demo classes

What can help you choose the best industrial training company among multiple options? Demo classes! Before taking any step, be sure that the training company must provide at least two days free demo classes which can assist you to make well-acquainted with corporate culture and increase your trust level. You can easily make a decision if the company is suitable to satisfy your career needs.

Career guidance for job-oriented courses from industry doyens

Generally, when you are pursuing the 45 days industrial training, you don’t have enough idea of every profile and its future scope. In that case, only an expert who has experience in diverse IT fields can guide you. The goal of the professional trainer is to give the right recommendation according to the latest job market trends and your interest. The training syllabus customized by the experts can also help you in a long way. It can make you well versed with the latest IT trends. Thus you can walk on the smooth career path with the assistance of an IT professional.

Job oriented training curriculum

A study reveals that 94% of students are not fit for the job even after engineering. What is the main reason behind it? It is lack of skills and misinformed decision making. The job market is shrinking and the candidates who have practical skills are preferred by the IT companies over the freshers. With summer training for engineering students, you can get a chance to work on the live projects and get hands-on experience in a professional environment.

100% Job Assistance

During 6 months internship, you have to set the target for achieving the goal of a job in a dream company. To complete this aim, the industrial training must offer you 100% job assistance after the completion of your training course. You must be well aware of the immense competition in the job market in your respective field. The ultimate goal of your training company must be to make you stand out from the crowd.

Nowadays, when job hunting process is becoming very complex, nothing is better than getting the in-house placement in the esteemed company. Many IT companies conduct interviews after the completion of the training program and give offer letter to the deserving candidates. This is a win-win situation for both parties. The trainees no more need to worry about their job and the company professionals can teach them according to their requirements. Such candidates can stay engaged with the company for a long time.

Effect of corporate culture

The corporate culture influences your skill development in a long way. The company with strong culture can encourage the teamwork, individual participation and enhance the student’s interest to manage the multiple tasks with great interest. It leads to the development of interpersonal skills like communication and management skills in you. These competencies can make you committed to excellence.

Arrangement of follow up classes

Once you have completed the industrial training, your company must arrange follow-up classes. It will help you to finalize the training course. Your follow-up classes may consist of assignments or other activities which you have learned during the training. You can get hands-on experience on various concepts even at home.

Ask the infinite queries from the industry leaders

A good training company always encourages the candidates to ask questions. They arrange the doubt clarification sessions where the trainees don’t hesitate to ask their queries. The trainers must also arrange the backup classes so that the trainees don’t leave even a single topic. In one to one doubt classes, the companies can conduct tests or give them assignments to solve. In this way, even the weaker candidate is able to get in-detailed information of the specific subject.

Professional CV Writing

Putting up the first step in the corporate world is not that much easy. To hit the competition around, you need an attention-grabbing resume to impress the hiring manager. So, the training company should provide you with the directions on how to start your resume and share the best resume templates with you. The team of professional trainers must put maximum efforts to make your CV stand out in the corporate world.

Mind Booster Activities

The extracurricular activities include the planning and executing the various programs in the company which is not included in the training curriculum. These activities are essential to maintain the sound corporate culture as well as provide you the chance to engage with others. You can acquire a lot of skills like leadership skills, communication skills and management skills from these processes. These are very crucial for the overall development of the aspirant before entering the corporate sector.

For 6 months industrial training in Chandigarh, you need to be very careful and make sure that the company must provide all above-written facilities. The company which has a successful track record of assisting the candidates from training to their job can promise you a successful career.

So, if you also want to kick start your career from a reputed industry, you can approach Goteso. Have any doubt regarding the internship in Chandigarh? Mail us at or call at 0172-4044067 or +91 89685-82165.

Anamika Negi

Anamika Negi is an HR Executive at Goteso. She handles the recruitment and various human resource activities of the company. She is responsible for maintaining the discipline and decorum at the workplace. She loves writing the articles to guide the candidates to the right career path and also welcomes the suggestions from their side.

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