• Location Mohali
  • Department Digital Marketing
  • Job Type Full-Time
Roles & Responsibilities
Line Seprator
  • Should have ability to write original, specific and client-centric content for the blogs and websites.
  • Should be a creative thinker to transform information into engaging stories that are relevant to business.
  • Have great analytical skills so as to analyze the information from multiple sources and utilize it to create original content as per the client needs.
  • Able to write grammatically correct and quality content.
  • Should have new and innovative ideas in mind to provide plagiarism-free content.
Skill Requirements
Line Seprator
  • Should have excellent communication and writing skills.
  • Must have 1+ years of experience in content writing.
  • Must have command over English grammar and punctuation.
  • Able to write SEO driven content using given keywords.
  • Should have ability to deliver quality content within a fixed deadlines.