• Location Mohali
  • Department Human Resource
  • Job Type Full-Time
Roles & Responsibilities
Line Seprator
  • Work closely with management team to plan the strategic HR initiatives and encourage the team for more efficient work.
  • Keep the team updated with the latest human resource policies and proceedings of the company.
  • Handle the employee engagement programs to foster relationships in the company and ensure that the team stay connected to each other.
  • Promote an open and friendly environment in the company where employees feel comfortable and work efficiently.
  • To take the reviews and feedback of the company from the employees after the end of their employment.
  • Maintain a friendly environment in the workplace by planning and celebrating special events.
  • To stay updated with the co-curricular activities held by other companies and bring forth more innovative and interesting events in the company.
  • Work closely with HR recruiter and stay updated with the staffing needs of the company.
  • Collaborate with the new employees or trainees and help in their onboarding process which includes describing the communication tools, orientation of the company, introduction with the team, providing ID card etc.
  • Handles the documentation and enrollment process for the new employees.
  • Oversee the industrial training and faculty updation programs held in the company.
  • Make long term and short-term strategies for the well-being of the company.
Skill Requirements
Line Seprator
  • Should have good communication skills to maintain the relationship with others.
  • Must have good sense of humor to make the workplace enjoyable for the employees.
  • Should have great presentation skills to give information, to persuade the audience and to create the goodwill of the company.
  • Should have great time management skills to manage the various tasks according to their priority.
  • Must aware of the company procedures, policies and consequences of violating them.
  • Have active organizational skills to inspire the employees, understand their needs and build trust among them.
  • Should be self-motivated, self-starter and passionate to learn new things under human resources.
  • Must be strategic, confident and able to understand the facial expressions of the employees.
  • Should have working knowledge of G-suite in order to maintain official documentation of the company processes.
  • Should be flexible with the timings and willing to work beyond office hours also.
  • Must have a keen interest in communicating with the employees and building up a relationship with them.
  • Able to deal with multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Should have the great knowledge of online job portals management and employee engagement.
  • Should have knowledge of work executions in IT company mainly in web and mobile app development firm.
  • Must be an extrovert and open to share their thoughts with the team.
  • Make long term and short term strategies for the well-being of the company.