• Location Mohali
  • Department Project Management
  • Job Type Full-Time
Roles & Responsibilities
Line Seprator
  • Establish and maintain a productive as well as a harmonious working relationship with the team.
  • Handle meetings with the clients to keep them updated with the progress status of the project.
  • Collaborate with the team during every phase of software development to figure out the issues that arises during the development process.
  • Understand the requirements of the team for project execution process and ensure that all the resources are available to them.
  • Maintain the comprehensive project documentation to share the updated status with the management team.
  • Evaluate the performance of the project using relevant tools and techniques.
  • Ensure that the required quality control measures are implemented and maintained throughout the project cycle.
  • To train the team according to the requirements of the project, and ensure that the team members understand the information completely.
  • Assure that every team member understands their responsibility regarding the project.
  • Conduct a project evaluation meeting to find out how well the project was handled.
  • Assigning tasks to the team for the timely delivery of the project and maintain the backup for the resources to ensure the hassle-free execution of the project when any team member is on leave.
  • Make project documentation, plans, strategies etc to deliver the project that can meet client’s requirements.
  • Break the project into doable tasks and divide it into the team members according to their specialization.
  • Arrange Project Kick off, Project Review, and Project Closure Meetings whenever required.
  • Address issues that may occur in the project so that team can work on the project hassle-free.
  • Create project management calendar to streamline the pending task and execute the assigned tasks efficiently.
Skill Requirements
Line Seprator
  • Proven experience in project management mainly in a software company which mainly deals in web and mobile apps development.
  • Must have excellent oral and written communication skills to collaborate with the top management, team and clients.
  • Experience in planning strategies to complete and deliver the project within a fixed deadline.
  • Should have a strong technical background with hands-on experience software development technologies.
  • Experience of participating in the projects and working effectively with the team.
  • Must be an expert in making the plans and execute them as per the client’s requirements.
  • Experience in risk management and strategic planning.
  • Able to handle the multiple projects simultaneously and deliver them in a specified deadline.
  • Use agile methodology and plan scrums accordingly to deliver the project in a timely manner.
  • Conduct daily scrum meetings to know the status of software development process and discuss the further plans with the development team.
  • Able to make the feasible project execution plans with estimated forecasts of timeline and budget.
  • Able to analyse the issues arises in the projects and resolve them instantly.
  • Should have good listening and documentation skills to understand the client requirements and their feedbacks about the recent work.
  • Able to represent the different phases of project execution process to the team via wireframes.
  • Having Certification in PMP or Prince2 will be preferred.