Flowers has been a great way to show love and affections for someone. It's an old trend to send Flowers and Bouquet via post or a delivery person. But it was not as easy as on-demand flower and bouquet delivery app has made it. The flower and bouquet delivery business is one of the best choices for startups as it requires low investment and little technical knowledge. But the main problem is its survival as customer demands and price of flowers is always fluctuating. The florists who are running this business for a longer time, understand the market behavior and adopted online flower and bouquet delivery service to streamline their business. They have understood that on-demand flower and bouquet delivery app development was not an option but it was the necessity of today.

The customers always want the fresh flower to reach the target address and to make it possible online bouquet delivery app development helps them in all the way. Now customers no longer visit the flower shop to purchase the flowers. They just scroll their smartphones to order the flower or bouquet of their choice. That’s why an app for flower and bouquet business is in high demand. Moreover uber for x model has increased the competition in this sector too. It makes the owners approach top mobile app developers for fully-featured bloomthat app clone and bouqs app clone. If we have a look on Global market, on-demand flower and bouquet delivery app development is generating buzz there too. As per Statista report, in China, the online trading of flowers is increasing annually by big numbers. In 2017, the number trading growth rate was approximately 38% and it is expected to grow to 70% in 2019. Thus on-demand florist app development helps you to expand your business boundaries from local level to international level.

Online flower and bouquet delivery solution will also assist you to upgrade your business from a small flower store to a flower aggregator. Our Indian app developers are always ready to help you with customized on-demand flower delivery app development services to generate expected ROI. If you are also interested in collaborating with top-notch mobile application development company to build a strong online business presence, then share your business requirements at

Online Flower Delivery App For Every Business Model

We have readymade custom web and native app solutions which can fulfill every need for flower and bouquet delivery business app model.

Flower and Bouquet Marketplaces

Online Flower and Bouquet Marketplace

Be A Flower And Bouquet Marketplace Aggregator

We help the entrepreneurs and flower and bouquet store owners to build their startup and online marketplace like BloomThat.

Flower and Bouquet Chains

Flower and Bouquet Chains

Get An Online Flower And Bouquet App For Your Outlets

Manage your all flower and bouquet delivery stores with a centralized dashboard. Now, you can easily track the sale of each store.

Single Flower and Bouquet Store

Single Flower and Bouquet Delivery Store App

White Label Flower and Bouquet Store App Development

Build your direct business pipeline from your Flower and Bouquet store to doorstep of customer.

Features of Flowers & Bouquets Delivery Application

Customer App

Tutorial and Onboarding Screens

Customers can go through the tutorial screens which introduce features and functionalities of the flower delivery app to the customers without actually start using it.

Account Setup Panel

Customers can set up their account just by typing email address, contact details, and other login credential details. They can integrate the flower app with their social media account to receive the updates.

Convenient Pickup - Delivery Scheduling

Customers are able to choose a specific delivery date and time that suits best to receive or send the flowers.

Real-Time Order Tracking Tool

Customers are facilitated with live tracking feature across the entire fleet of delivery which allows them to track the orders in real-time and get instant updates on each delivery stage.

Cost Calculator

The customers can easily calculate the cost of flowers or bouquets even without purchasing it. They can also compare the price of different items available at your flower store.


Customers can re-order the products which they have purchased earlier at the same or different location. They can even change the category of flowers to be added in the cart.

Real-Time Pop Up Notifications

The customer gets real-time notifications regarding the order or offers, discounts available at a florist shop. It is a powerful tool to target multiple customers with a single click.

Order Status With History

The customer can retrieve their order details from the order history even after a couple of months after completion of the order along with order details.

Product Search Filter

The customer can easily browse for the variety of flowers they are looking for just by filling the keyword like lillies, simply sweet, rose love etc.

Multiple Address Options

Customers are allowed to add different locations to receive or send the flowers or bouquets. And while placing the order on the flower delivery app, they can choose the desired address.

Offers and Discount Coupons

Customers can save their money by taking the advantage of discount vouchers, offers provided by the florist.

Share If Product Is Good

The customers can share details of flowers like photos, link, content etc with others through any messaging or social media app. It increases the online reputation of your brand and customer base.

Digital Invoice Generating Tool

The customers can get the e-invoice generated on their registered e-mail id. This invoice contains the complete list of order with individual pricing.

Multiple Payment Processing Systems

Customers can securely pay for the flowers via multiple modes like online net banking, stripe, Paypal, credit cards, debit cards, PayTm and bitcoins (Blockchain based payment processing system), whichever they like.

Ratings & Feedback Management System

Customers can evaluate the value of your business from the ratings and feedbacks given by past customers. It can even eliminate the doubts of potential customers and help them in product selection.

In-App Chat Helpline

Customers can seamlessly engage with owner or delivery agent via the live chat feature present in the flower app. They can get regular updates for their orders on the phone and ask queries.


In favorites, the customers can create the customized list of flowers and bouquet they want to purchase in future. They can edit, sort or share this collection with anyone.

Admin Panel

Multiple Store Management

You can run and manage multiple flower shops or flower business aggregator under the single panel. Within a single account, you can maintain a record of all flower shops.

Gallery Management

Admin has the access to update the content and images in the app. They can delete or add an image to the gallery section.

Vendors and Staff Management

You can keep the track record of all your employees, staff members and managers with unique employee id. You can compile all their records like attendance, salary payment details at single place.

Product List and Cost Management

Admin is able to delete or add any type of flowers, their category according to the variety of flowers available in the store. They also can modify the price of any kind of flower.

Real-Time Order and Field Tracking Management

Admin can update the flower or bouquet delivery status in real-time mode. Moreover, they can trace the location of delivery agent with the google maps integrated application.

Customer Management

Admin has the access to view and to monitor the customers' profile which contains all their personal details and their activities. It can help the admin to resolve their issues efficiently.

Real-Time Notifications

Admin can send real-time notifications to the customers regarding the latest announcements and events in your flower store. It makes the customers stay updated with your latest products and services.

Multiple Payment Gateway Integrations

Admin can provide the multiple options to the customer to pay for the flowers. These include a debit card, credit card, net banking, PayPal, Stripe, Bitcoins (Blockchain based payment processing system) and Paytm.

Reviews and Feedback Management

Admin can manage and optimize customer feedback, flower reviews, and overall service ratings. They also can give a response to the feedback given by customer.

Ads Management

Admin can present the attractive and animated ads to let the customers know about their online flower delivery service.


Admin can generate insightful reports which help them to understand the target consumers, buying behavior and plan accordingly.

Customer, Sales and Market Analytics

Admin can get the better idea of business analytics with colorful graphs. They can check the daily, weakly and monthly market parameters like sales, expenses, revenue generated etc.


Admin can send short SMS or e-mail to the customers which remind them of the events like party, birthday, wedding anniversary of their beloved. These events are pre-set by the customer through in-app integrated calendar and clock. It facilitates the seamless communication with the customers.

Store Management

Staff Management

The florist can manage and edit the list of staff members, managers etc. in their shop under the single panel. It allows the florist to access their daily activities like attendance, wages, expenses and other personal details.

Product List and Cost Management

The store managers can add or delete any specific flower from the listing. You can change their price, categories, availability status etc. as per your convenience.

Real-Time Order and Field Tracking Management

The store managers can update the order and delivery status of the flower until it reaches the target address. Moreover, they can track the real-time location of the delivery agent.

Customer Management

The florist can view the customer's data and manage the database so as to instantly resolve the issues faced by the customers.

Real-Time Notifications

The florist can grab the attention of the large audience by sending real-time notifications to the customers related to their business like special offers, loyalty programs, events, discount coupons and promotional activities held by them.


The florist can generate the insightful reports and analytics graph which help them to plan how to streamline processes, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Customer, Sales and Market Analytics

With the help of customized analytics report, the florist can thoroughly analyze the analytics of customers, sales, and market. By this, they can identify the key areas of strength and weakness in the business's management.

Inventory Management

The florist can track the daily sales, expenses, flowers available and flowers required to provide hassle-free customer service.

Help and Support

The florists can connect to the delivery agent, customer or support team to provide them updates regarding the business through the in-app built chat feature.

Delivery Agent App

Delivery Status Updation Tool

The delivery agents will get the real-time notification when they have to deliver the new order. They update their delivery status till the flowers reached their destination.

Live Tracking Path

With the help of google maps available in the flower app, the delivery agents can reach the target address which reduces their arrival time.

Profile Management

The delivery agents create an account by filling their updated contact number, email id and upload their photo in the profile section.

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