Manual Software Testing is a process where test cases are executed manually without use of any tools or automation scripting in order to find defects in the product.It is very important to test any software from a user’s perspective to make it more user-friendly. There are a lot of aspects that cannot be covered via automated testing like we can’t check the Usability and User Interface with automation mode. Manual testing is an cost-effective option to keep your product bug free because there is no need to spend your money on purchasing automated testing tools. Also, it consumes less time because it does not require to write down a code for testing a small change as it is needed in case of automation testing.

As mentioned by the Global Market Insights, the software testing companies had a total revenue of $40 billion in 2019 which shall rise to $60 billion by 2026 resulting in 6% in CAGR. From these statistics, it is understood how important it is to hire manual software test engineer for improving the functioning of the system and to figure out real user issues. It is one of the best practices to enhance the flexibility of a product by removing all the existing bugs through a user’s point of view. Do you want to get the best manual software testing solutions for your product? If yes, then get in touch with us without any second thought. Hire our manual software testing services and get a satisfactory customer experience for your product by an email at

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