The IT industry is rapidly advancing, and the institutional leaders need to ensure that the faculty members are engaged in a result-oriented staff professional development program to increase the efficacy of the teaching methods. To remain familiar with the latest practices, the concept of faculty development programme for teachers in universities and colleges was introduced.

The staff development training has resulted in improving the landscape of IT education, as many teachers are performing better in what they were taught earlier. The faculty training program enriches in multiple key areas like teaching, research, professionalism, assessment, and administration.

Investing time and money in training courses for staff development is equally beneficial as investing in the institution, as the faculty gets equipped with cutting-edge skills. Ultimately, the faculty development programme for engineering college helps the institution to grow and to be a step ahead of the competitors.

Goteso is a fast-growing faculty training institute delivering the most suitable programs in multiple subject areas of the IT industry. Our matchless experience, expertise with years of experience and variety of staff training courses allow us to deliver comprehensive and dedicated learning support to the teachers and professors.

For over 5 years, our team has served more than 150+ institutes within various areas of the IT industry. Our commitment to flexibility, innovation, and affordability for multiple offline and online faculty development programs has put us at the forefront of the faculty learning industry. Every course is completely accredited and accommodates all learning styles.

Here are a few reasons, how our staff training and development venture can benefit your institution.

  • Our staff training program offers a sense of communicative relationship among the faculty members. And they completely engage in their development as absolute support is delivered by the mentors.

  • Our faculty training and development curriculum is an all-rounder. It focuses on the accomplishment and presence of faculty members in discipline-specific activities as well.

  • The staff development programme ensures to help the faculty members to bring a change in themselves and to interact well with the students.

  • Every element of our faculty professional development course is performance-based as it offers the opportunity to grab the concepts through observation and live demonstration.

  • Our productive training modules improve teaching performance in different areas. That also develops the commitment towards the institutional goals.

If you are also planning to organize a faculty improvement programme at your college/university, that will strengthen the potential of your workforce; then Goteso would love to help you. To know more about our staff development courses, speak to our experts at +91 85913-70500. You can also mail us at

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