Android application development

A beautiful journey from ideas to google play store.

If you’re consistently pushed to own an android app for your business and you find yourself stuck in a dilemma whether to opt for an Android app or not, then this makes an essential read for you. Here, we explain to you the importance of android apps that are going to motivate you to have one for your business for sure. The android application market has boomed like never before since 2008 and has actually proved to be an excellent platform for exhibiting the product features and services your business has to offer. And thus, if you do not own an android app for your business, it’s time to contact a renowned android app development company or hire android app developers as soon as possible.

Following the statistics, google play store that’s also a former android market, is said to be the largest app store with the number of apps hiking each passing day and are witnessed to be at its peak. In 2016, the statistics were 2.6 million followed by a whopping 2.8 million in 2017. Just so you know, google play boosts for over 1 billion users, 224.8 billion app downloads and a revenue of around $77 billion. These figures can give you a brief idea about how promising an Android app can be. Yet not assured? Following are a few probable ways your enterprise can exploit the benefits of an efficient android app.

Improved customer engagement

One major pro of using an android app is that it provides different brands the caliber to engage their customers with their products in a distinct way giving real-time exposure. And when the customers see that their concerns, queries, and demands are addressed well and catered to, it’d impress them the most and they will get back to you time and again every time they wish to deal with the same business. That being said, When you’ve established a loyal customer base, the targeted revenue can be generated easily.

Better customer support

Via apps, it gets really easy to keep track of the organization one is associated with and get tasks accomplished on the go. Keeping in touch with your customers consistently also increases your prospects of growing as a brand. Thus, it just takes an app to actually persuade your customers why your product or service is the best.

Offers for promotion

Via one app, it gets easier for you as a business to intimate your customers about your newly launched products, promotional offers or services. Every time you come up with something new; be it a product or an offer, all you need is to send a push notification and all your customers are kept updated regarding what you have to offer. Thus, more the number of users you are in touch with, more likely you are to witness a growth in your profits. It all doesn’t end here; over 70% of the smartphones in only the USA and India are empowered by android. So that adds in as a plus point in favor of Android apps and proves hoe an android app can transform your business and push it to the next level. So now all you need is to look for an efficient android app development company that can help you grow into the next big thing in town!

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