From the traditional system of hailing a cab on the road or booking it over a phone call to the present-day approach of conveniently requesting a taxi online with a few taps on mobile, the world has witnessed a massive shift in taxi booking scenario. When looking for a handy option for the daily commute, the first thought that comes probably over everybody's mind is, using the on-demand taxi app. And among those commuters who want to be thrifty, an innovative concept of online bike booking app is nowadays gaining traction rapidly and emerging as a go-to choice.

A two wheeler taxi app offers an economical solution to daily travelers, both in terms of money and time. Where a bike application lets them book the ride at pocket-friendly rates, a motorcycle cab makes it much easier to wade through the rush-hour traffic than the four-wheeler options and helps to save on time. Offering a much-needed ride-hailing alternative, this new notion is catching up among the travelers who are fed up with getting stuck in the traffic congestion for long. And hence, entrepreneurs across the various parts of the world, in a bid to capture this emerging market, are investing heavily in the best bike app development.

Are you also willing to tap into the growth potential of this flourishing industry, and searching for a reliable name that can help you in it with the robust online bike ride app solution? Goteso, with a team of diligent and conscientious developers, strive to provide the quality and service that exceeds the clients' expectations. We, as a leading mobile app development company, have been the first choice of businesses all around the globe for their software requirements. What are you waiting for? Just take your mobile, make a call to us, share the features that you need in your motorcycle hailing app, and leave the rest to us.

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Online Bike Booking Business App Model

We have readymade custom web and native app solutions which can fulfill every need for bike booking business app model.

Bike taxi Marketplaces

Online Bike Booking Marketplace

Be a Bike Marketplace Aggregator

We help entrepreneurs and bike business owners to build their startup and bike taxi fleet business.

Bike Taxi Chains

Bike Taxi Booking Business Chains

Get an Online Bike Taxi App

Manage your local and global bike cab business with a centralized dashboard. Now, you can easily track the revenue from each two wheeler taxi.

Single Taxi App

Single Bike Taxi App

White label Bike App development

Execute your two wheeler taxi booking operations effectively from the single bike taxi app and satisfy your passengers.

Features of Bike Taxi Service App

Customer App

Tutorial and Onboarding Screens

After signing up in the bike cab app, the user can go through the set of onboarding screens to acquaint himself/herself about the working and features of the app.

Account Setup Panel

The user can easily create an account in the online bike app using his/her email id, mobile number, or social media address. He/she can also add the preferred payment option in the accounts section.

Convenient Pickup & Ride Scheduling

The user can easily book/schedule the ride, or set the pickup time as per his/her convenience. In case he/she wants to cancel the booked ride, he/she can easily do this in the bike pickup app.

Real-Time Location Tracking Tool

Using Google Maps integrated into the motorcycle taxi app, users can easily track the real-time location of the driver while he/she is on the way to reach the pickup location.

Cost Calculator

After adding the pickup and the destination address, the user can easily check the total ride cost.

Real-Time Pop Up Notifications

The users can get notifications of updates about the ride status, offers or latest discounts on a real-time basis. It ultimately enhances the existing users' experience.

Ride Status With History

The users can check the ride history along with bills and details of any of the previous rides booked on the bike hailing app.

Bike Cab Search Filter

With intuitive search filters, the passengers can easily search for the bike taxi options as per their requirements.

Multiple Address Options

The passenger can save multiple addresses in the address list, and choose any of these while placing a request for the ride. It will help him/her to quickly book a ride on the two wheeler cab app.

Offers and Discount Coupons

The users can redeem the discounts and offers added by the owner and enjoy the ride booked on the app at the discounted prices.

Share if Ride Experience Is Good

The passenger can easily share the details of the bike taxi on social media or messaging apps by using the "Share" button in the app. Important info about the two-wheeler like pictures, the taxi number, or driver information can be shared.

Digital Invoice Generating Tool

After the ride, the passenger can get a digital copy of the invoice on his/her email id.

Multiple Payment Processing Systems

For making the payment for the ride, passengers can choose from multiple options like online net banking, Paypal, credit cards/debit cards, stripe, PayTm, and bitcoins (Blockchain-based payment processing system). He/she can also go for the cash payment after the completion of the ride.

Ratings & Feedback Management System

After the completion of the ride, the passenger can add a rating or review as per his/her riding experience.

In-App Chat Helpline

Once a driver accepts the ride request on the motorcycle booking app, the passenger can interact with him/her via chat. It helps the customer to stay updated with the driver’s status.

Admin Panel

Multiple Two Wheeler Cabs Management

Admin can easily manage the info related to multiple bike taxis under a single panel. He/she can also add, edit, or delete any cab info from the listing.

Driver and Operation Managers Management

Admin can effortlessly view, update, and manage the list of operation managers, drivers, or other staff members by assigning them a unique employee id. He/she can manage the records related to their salary calculations, useful documents, commission rates, or payment details.

Bike Taxi List and Cost Management

The admins can easily edit the list of the two wheeler cabs available along with the price that they want to charge from the riders.

Gallery Management

Admin can attract potential customers by adding the images of the bike taxis and their riders in the gallery. They can also update/delete the photos in the gallery anytime.

Real-Time Field Tracking Management

If needed, admin can track the location of any of the drivers in real-time using the in-app integrated Google maps.

Customer Management

Admin can easily view/edit the list of all users connected with the app, and review the activities of any customer on the app to get a better understanding of the issues faced by them.

Real-Time Notifications

Admin can send real-time notifications regarding the special offers, events, discount coupons or vouchers to the users on their mobile, and target potential customers in a better way.

Multiple Payment Gateway Integrations

In-app payment gateway integration lets the admin accept the payment from a debit card, credit card, net banking, PayPal, Paytm, Stripe, or Bitcoins (Blockchain-based payment processing system).

Reviews and Feedback Management

Admin can view/delete and respond to the reviews/feedback given by the riders under a single panel.


Admin can easily generate insightful reports related to any business query, like total rides booked in a particular area, the total monthly sales from the bookings in all areas, or yearly expenses, etc.

Customer, Sales and Market Analytics

In the panel, admin can review analytical graphs and statistics related to the different business operations. It will help him/her to analyze the things efficiently, and hence make optimal business decisions.

Operation Manager

Staff Management

The operation manager of an area can easily add new staff members by assigning them a unique employee id. He/she can also add/update the daily activities of all employees like attendance, expenses, payment details, profiles, or commission rates, etc.

Two Wheeler Taxi List and Cost Management

The operation manager can easily add, edit, or delete the info in the bike cabs list as per the availability of vehicles. He/she can also manage the ride cost, discount coupons along with the available bike taxis in his/her area.

Real-Time Taxi Driver Tracking Management

The operation manager can track the real-time location of any of the taxi drivers in his/her area using the integrated google maps.

Passenger Management

The operation managers can review and manage all the info related to the potential and the new passengers in an area.

Real-Time Notifications

The operation manager can send notifications about the latest discount offers, loyalty programs, special vouchers, and promotional activities related to the local events to the users in his/her area.


The manager can easily generate insightful reports regarding any of his/her business queries like daily/weekly sales, monthly expenses, or yearly profits, etc which will help him/her to make better decisions for the future.

Request Management

The operation manager of an area can easily accept or reject any driver's joining request on the app. If needed, he/she can also suspend any of the drivers for a particular time period.

Customer, Sales and Behavior Analytics

With the help of graphical analytics and useful business insights, the operation manager can easily analyze the sales, profit, and the average growth rate of the business.

Help and Support

Through an in-app integrated chat feature, the manager of an area can resolve all the queries of drivers and users in no time.

Delivery Agent App

Ride Status Updation Tool

When a user places a ride request, the driver can accept or reject it as per his/her convenience and update the ride status accordingly.

Customer Location Tracking Tool

With the help of integrated Google Maps, the driver can easily track the location of the customer.

Profile Management

The drivers can easily set up their accounts in the two wheeler booking app just by adding their names, vehicle info, email ID, permanent address, and contact details. They can also edit/update their profile information whenever they want.

Detailed Payment Summary

A driver can get complete information regarding his/her daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly earnings based on the rides that he/she has completed through the app.

Help and Support Panel

In case a driver has any query or want any kind of help, he/she can contact the support via chat or call.

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