In 2009, Uber - World's best taxi app was not less than a miracle for those people who were already engaged in the cab or taxi booking business services. After reviewing the aggregator business model, most drivers left their jobs to earn an expected ROI by becoming the partner and few are still trying their luck with this taxi service app. A business of taxi or cab booking is not for the newbies who want to fly high in the sky with a single move because a large number of players have already existed in this global market. But dropping an idea to enter this industry with a unique plan can be regretful for the entrepreneurs. As today every industry is getting boom by adopting on-demand apps into their business, the investors are searching for the on-demand taxi app development company to get an excellent quality product to disrupt the market.

Earlier, running a taxi booking business was a tedious job but today with the help of online cab booking app, the professional life of entrepreneurs is becoming very easier and smoother. We can also say that from the last decade, the taxi dispatch software is helping the people to transform their lives in the commuting problems. From a Statista report, the revenue from these ride hailing apps was around USD 82,437 million in 2019 and going ahead with an annual growth rate of 12.8%, it is expected around USD 133,473 million by 2023. But this figure sometimes fails either due to fault in the taxi management software or we can say that a transport app is not working as we expect. Such kind of problems can be easily resolved by hiring a mobile app development company which hold at least 5+ years of experience, especially in the online taxi app development. Before getting in depth, we need to understand how this rideshare software can help us to jump from the traditional to Uber For X approach.

A decade ago, people had to make a call to nearby taxi vendors to get the taxi/cab service, and even some opt the public transport for the commuting due to lack of a direct bridge between the service provider and customer. But now, the customers are using the taxi hailing app to get immediate service. In the previous cab booking business, managers’ laziness and instability towards work couldn't help them to score a good sale, but today the business owners can get real-time booking requests using the taxi application. Apart from such above problems, to eliminate an argument based negotiation or bargaining from the traditional taxi business, an owner can get an online taxi booking software with integrated cost calculator to find the actual traveling cost based upon the base fare, surge, and distance charge. In the previous approach, we had no facility to check the credibility of a driver in case of late coming, but today the scenario is the opposite. By investing a small chunk of money into the online taxi booking app development, an owner can easily find the actual location of driver and driver can also save the time by choosing the optimized and shortest path for the traveling.

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Online Taxi Booking App for Every Business Model

The custom taxi booking app is a specially designed software solution to help you with your every business need and make it a suitable fit for your business model.

Taxi Marketplaces

Online Taxi Booking Marketplace

Be a Taxi Marketplace Aggregator

We help entrepreneurs to build their startups and taxi fleet businesses with custom cab booking app development solutions.

Taxi Chains

Taxi Booking Business Chains

Get an Online Taxi app

Manage your local and global taxi business with a centralized dashboard. Now, you can easily track the revenue from each taxi.

Single Taxi App

Single Taxi App

White label Taxi app development

Execute your taxi booking operations effectively from the single taxi and satisfy your passengers.

Features of Taxi Service App

Customer App

Tutorial and Onboarding Screens

Passenger can go through the set of screens presenting the mobile app, its features, and benefits without actually getting started with the taxi application.

Account Setup Panel

The passenger can sign up to the online taxi booking software through their email id, contact number and address. They can add their payment preference in the accounts section and add their image in the profile section.

Convenient Pickup & Ride Scheduling

The passenger can schedule the arrival time of the cab as per their convenience. In case, their plan of the ride is canceled, they can cancel the booking using this taxi hailing app.

Real-Time Location Tracking Tool

The passenger can track the real-time location of the driver until it arrives at their address with google map integration. It enhances their ride experience. Moreover, while requesting for ride they are able to see all drivers in nearby location.

Cost Calculator

The passenger can easily check the ride cost after filling the destination address in the taxi booking app. It makes the passenger make decisions as per their budget.

Real-Time Pop Up Notifications

The passengers get notified of updates regarding the ride status, offers, discounts available on a real-time basis. It enhances the existing users' experience.

Ride Status With History

The passenger can check the ride history along with bills and detail of every past and current ride.

Cab Search Filter

The passengers can search for the cab with different search filters available in the taxi booking app.

Multiple Address Options

The passenger has the option to save the multiple addresses in address list and can choose any of them during placing request for the ride.

Offers and Discount Coupons

The passengers can enhance their riding experience by getting the benefits of discounts and offers offered by the owner. Sometimes some discount vouchers can be redeemed only by new taxi app users.

Share if Ride Experience Is Good

The passenger can share the details of the taxi on messaging apps or social media just by tapping "Share" button. Important information regarding the taxi, pictures, taxi number or driver information can be shared.

Digital Invoice Generating Tool

The customer can receive the digital copy of the invoice on their registered e-mail id or any social media platform after the ride. The customer can check the invoice detail even during the ride.

Multiple Payment Processing Systems

The passenger can pay for the ride through multiple options like online net banking, stripe, Paypal, credit cards, debit cards, PayTm and bitcoins (Blockchain based payment processing system). It makes their riding experience easy and comfortable.

Ratings & Feedback Management System

The passenger can rate and review their riding experience. A good rating can increase your brand reputation and let the users choose the high rated driver from the best taxi aap.

In-App Chat Helpline

The passenger can interact directly with the driver once they book a ride and vice versa. This feature of taxi booking app allows the customer to stay updated with the status of the driver on real-time basis.

Cab Sharing Options

The passenger can share the ride with co-passengers in the city, making their travel cheaper using this rideshare software.

Admin Panel

Multiple Cabs Management

Admin can manage multiple taxis under a single account. Track your customers, rides at single place. Admin can add or delete any cab from the listing.

Driver and Operation Managers Management

Admin can effortlessly view and edit the list of operation managers, taxi drivers and other staff members with unique employee id provided to them. They can manage the records of drivers and managers, their salary calculations, attached useful documents and payment details.

Taxi List and Cost Management

The admin can edit the list of taxis available along with the price they can charge from the riders.

Gallery Management

Admin can attract the passengers with a gallery filled with attractive images of the taxi and their riders. They can modify the items in the gallery anytime.

Real-Time Field Tracking Management

With the help of Google maps, admin can track the real-time location of the drivers. They can also check the status whether drivers are active or busy.

Passenger Management

Admin can view and edit the list of customers connected with the taxi app. They can track the activities of the customer through online cab booking app which helps in faster recovery of issues faced by the customers.

Real-Time Notifications

Admin can send real-time notifications associated with special events, offers or discounts available to the passengers on their smartphones which helps them to stay engaged with their taxi business.

Multiple Payment Gateway Integrations

In-app payment gateway integration provides an option to the admin to accept the payment from a debit card, credit card, net banking, PayPal, Stripe, Bitcoins (Blockchain based payment processing system) and Paytm.

Reviews and Feedback Management

Admin has the access to view and delete the reviews given by the riders as per their riding experience. Admin can respond to the feedbacks given by the riders.


With app integrated business analytics, admin can identify and analyze the problems related to the taxi business and can plan for future accordingly.

Customer, Sales and Market Analytics

Admin can review the useful analytics and graphical insights related to business activities like sales, profit, or expenditure, etc. It will help him/her to make informed decisions for future business plans.

Store Management

Staff Management

The operation managers can easily add new staff members, managers and drivers by providing them unique employee id in their areas. They have the access to update the daily activities of all members like attendance,expenses, profiles, payment details etc in a panel.

Taxi List and Cost Management

The operation managers can easily add, update or delete the facilities or other services as per your wish. They can handle the data involving the price, discount coupons along with the available taxi.

Real-Time Taxi Driver Tracking Management

The operation manager can track the location of taxi drivers in the particular area with the help of google maps.

Passenger Management

The operation managers can add, edit, view and manage all the details and other information of potential and new passengers.

Real-Time Notifications

The operation managers can send notifications related to special offers, loyalty programs, events, discount coupons and promotional activities to the passengers in their assigned area which will help them to retain the customers in long-term.


As a manager, they can easily generate insightful reports and analytics graph of their business analytics which can help them to make the decision for future plan.

Request Management

The operation managers can approve or reject any driver's joining request through the taxi app. They can even suspend any driver for some specific time period in case of their wrong actions.

Customer, Sales and Behavior Analytics

With the help of in-app integrated business analytics, the operation managers can analyze the sales, turnover and growth rate of the business. It can help them to get the actual market view.

Inventory Management

The operation managers can easily track the daily rides and revenue earned which is helpful in understanding the business growth by using taxi dispatch software.

Help and Support

Through cab booking app integrated help chat can resolve the queries of drivers and passengers in seconds. Customers can directly interact with operation manager for any query.

Delivery Agent

Riding Status Updation Tool

Through online cab booking app, the drivers can receive the notification from the customer for booking and then they can update their status as a request received. The customers can track the drivers until they reaches at the customer's address.

Customer Location Tracking Tool

With the google map integrated app, the driver can easily track the exact location of the passenger. They can get live information about passengers movement.

Profile Management

The taxi drivers can sign up their account just by registering their name, vehicle information, email, permanent address and contact details. They can update their basic profile information after the registration of an account.

Cab Sharing

Under the carpooling feature, the drivers can approve the request of the customers who have to travel towards the same direction.

The Earning Graph

The drivers can get the complete information about their earnings and transaction history weekly/monthly or yearly. They can check the detailed payment summary like fare, tolls, and cancellation fees etc using the taxi management software.

Feedback for Passengers

Using this transport app, the drivers can give feedback and ratings to the passengers if any problem arises during the journey because of the passengers.

Help and Support Panel

The drivers can submit their queries in the help section if any problem arises to them during the journey.

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