With technological advancements, the way people living their lives is continuously transforming. Today, tech-savvy consumers want all goods and services to be delivered right at their doorstep without the botheration of visiting the stores for making the purchase. More and more people are now switching to the easy option of apps for their daily purchases and the burgeoning demand for a reliable supermarket shopping app for buying the everyday household products is no exception. Owing to this surge in demand, the business owners have started to embrace enhanced supermarket pos systems integrated with a mobile app to match the increasing consumers' expectations.

Using pos software for supermarket business provides great relief to the business owners in managing complicated & time-consuming business operations. Along with the faster transaction process that enhances the customer experience, such software makes it super-easy for the business owners to manage the inventory and ensure the proper stocking of the goods without the worries of overstocking and understocking of goods.

Goteso is a top-notch online supermarket software development company with an established presence across the globe. Boasting our rich knowledge and expertise in the mobile app development field, we make sure that the app we build is best suited to the specific requirements of the business and helps the business grow to the great heights.

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  • We work with the motive of providing the best supermarket shopping app development services to our clients so that their business can climb the ladder of success by leaps and bounds.

Shake hands with us if you are searching for a premier company to get an online supermarket delivery software developed for your business. We would love to discuss the details! You can get in touch with us at info@goteso.com.

Best Supermarket Software For Every Business Model

We have custom web and native app solutions which can satisfy every supermarket or retail business model

Online Marketplace

Online Marketplace

Be a Supermarket Aggregator

We help entrepreneurs and supermarket owners to build their startup and successful marketplace like Instacart or Bigbasket.

Supermarket Chains

Supermarket Chains

Get an app for your online supermarket chains

Manage your all supermarket stores with a centralized dashboard. Now, you can easily track the sale of each store.

Single Supermarket Store

Single Supermarket Store App

White Label Supermarket Store App Development

Build your direct business pipeline from your Supermarket store to doorstep of customer.

Features of Supermarket Delivery App

Customer App

Tutorial and Onboarding Screens

Swiping through the tutorial screens, customers can get an overview of the app and know about the features and benefits the app offers.

Account Setup Panel

Customers can easily set up their account using an email address, phone number or through social media accounts.

Convenient Pickup - Delivery Scheduling

Customers can schedule a delivery time slot as per their convenience. This allows the customer to select a particular time for receiving the orders and deliveries. In case if delivery is not possible then customers can pick the order from the nearby store.

Real-Time Order Tracking Tool

The customer can track the location and status of the order until the products are delivered to the final destination.

Cost Calculator

The customers can easily know and compare the prices of the items from different brands. This increases customer experience as they can choose and order items as per their budget.


With a single tap, customers can quickly and easily re-order the same items or products that they have earlier bought. There will also be an option to change the items in the order as per the current requirement.

Real-Time Pop Up Notifications

With pop-up notifications, the customers get notified about the order status, new offers, discounts, or new product(s) additions in the supermarket. It helps the owner to retain their customers and maximizes the customer experience as well.

Order Status With History

The customers can review the order status for their previous orders along with full order details even after a couple of months when that order was placed.

Product Search Filter

Customers can quickly search the items they are looking for based on product name, brand, or its category with different search and sorting filters.

Multiple Address Options

The customers can add multiple delivery locations in the address list and can choose from any of these while requesting for the order delivery.

Offers and Discount Coupons

This section displays all the offers and discount details provided by the supermarket owner to enhance the customers shopping experience. Customers can make use of the offers and discount coupons while placing an order.

Share If Product Is Good

With just a tap of a button, the products can be easily shared on social media platforms or messaging apps. Information of the product like the photo, price, title and the link is shared.

Digital Invoice Generating Tool

The customer will get a digital copy of the invoice at their registered email ID. It will contain all the information related to that particular order like the order number, date of purchase, the name of goods, price, and quantity.

Multiple Payment Processing Systems

Customers can make a payment for their order using multiple ways like cash on delivery, PayPal, Stripe, Net Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card, PayTm and Cryptocurrency.

Ratings & Feedback Management System

Feedback and reviews allow the customers to get a better idea about the quality of products and services. It also helps the owner to know where the business is lacking so that improvements can be made to boost sales.

In-App Chat Helpline

With the real-time chat feature, customers can instantly get the answers to their queries regarding delivery service, return policy, order cancellation or any other query related to their order.


Customers can add their favourite product(s) in their personalized wishlist for future purchases. This allows them to shop instantly in the future as it rules out the need to search the entire app for the products.

Admin Panel

Multiple Store Management

In supermarket chain business model, admin can easily manage the multiple stores from a single dashboard.

Gallery Management

For attracting more customers, admin can manage the gallery by adding eye-catching high-quality images with product information.

Vendors and Staff Management

You can quickly add new staff members and vendors by assigning a unique ID to each of them. You can also update the info related to the staff members like attendance, worksheets, salary, and other profile information easily at a single place. For each vendor, you can easily maintain info like his basic profile info(name, address, contact details etc.) and the royalty fee that is to be paid by the vendor.

Product List and Cost Management

Admin can easily add the new products and items along with their details. He/she can also delete the existing products on the list in case the product is no more sold in the supermarket. In case of any variation in the price of products in the future, he/she can update the costs of products in the list as well.

Real-Time Order and Field Tracking Management

Admin can easily track the order status and the location of the delivery agent on a real-time basis using google maps integrated with the app.

Customer Management

The admin can view the profiles of all the customers with which admin can go through their contact details and their activities on the app. This would help the admin to know more about customer behavior and hence to better strategize their discount and offer policies.

Real-Time Notifications

Admin can send real-time notifications to customers regarding the offers, discounts, special events, loyalty programs and promotional coupons to keep customers engaged with the business.

Multiple Payment Gateway Integrations

The supermarket app comes with multiple payment gateway integrations allowing you to accept payments through credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Net Banking, Stripe, Paytm and Cryptocurrencies as well. Owner can integrate any kind of payment gateway into the app as per the various geographical needs.

Reviews and Feedback Management

Admin can check the reviews and feedbacks given by the customers to get an idea where their business needs improvement. They can also respond to the feedback to enhance customer satisfaction.


Admin can easily get the insightful reports on his various queries like the list of daily sales achieved on the app, the orders received by each vendor, the list of stores available on the app etc. This helps the admin to get the detailed info about anything and to take an informed decision regarding any future business plans.

Customer, Sales and Market Analytics

Using the insightful graphs, admin can better analyze the customer's data, sales or expenses on daily, weekly or monthly basis as per their convenience.

Store Management

Staff Management

The store manager can easily edit and manage all the staff members along with their profile details under a single panel. They can nimbly update the routine activities of staff members like attendance, daily module list, work reports, and other useful notes etc.

Product List and Cost Management

The store manager can easily add or remove the products or items in the product list. They can also make changes in the cost of products, categories, and subcategories and update the availability status of products according to the stock.

Real-Time Order and Field Tracking Management

The store manager can easily update the order status until the order is delivered to the customer’s doorstep. With the real-time tracking feature, the store manager can easily track the location of the delivery agent.

Customer Management

The store manager can update all the details of the customers as per requirement. Store manager can also analyse information such as customers behaviour, buying preference and their location.

Real-Time Notifications

The store manager can send real-time notifications to the customers about the new products, special offers, discounts, loyalty programs, and promotional events.


The store manager can get the useful reports regarding any of his queries like the list of all new customers in a given month, weekly or monthly sales of the store etc. It can help them to get the proper analysis & hence making the right decisions for his business.

Customer, Sales and Market Analytics

Using the Analytics chart, the store manager can easily check the insights for the number of users on the app, sales achieved etc. to plan accordingly the future business processes and tasks to maximize the business revenue.

Inventory Management

The store manager can track the daily sales of all the products, the stock available for each product and the stock required of the particular product. It will aid in giving the uninterrupted services to the customers.

Help and Support

With the in-app chat feature, support team can instantly resolve the queries of the customers.

Delivery Agent App

Delivery Status Updation Tool

Whenever a new order is placed, the delivery agent will get a notification. After the product has been delivered, the delivery agent can update the order status.

Live Tracking Path

The delivery agent can easily access the address and track the best path (with the shortest distance and low traffic) using the google map integration.

Profile Management

Delivery agent can add or update his personal info like contact number, email ID and photo etc. in the profile section so it’s easier for the customers to identify them or call them.

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FAQs About Supermarket Software Development

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    Cost depends on the required features/functionalities and the type of solution you choose( subscription-based, ready-made, or custom solution). Generally speaking, a custom supermarket software would cost you somewhere around 15K USD - 70K USD.

  • Yes, we offer POS solution integration as per the client’s requirements.

  • Time depends on the complexity/functionality requirements for the apps/software. You can get in touch with our team regarding your business requirements, and we can give you a time estimate based on that.

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