In this dynamic tech-world, saas software development is rapidly gaining prominence because of its numerous valuable and handy features. More and more businesses have now started switching to the more efficient and cost-effective SaaS or software as a service solutions from the traditional expensive way of using On-premises software(that requires upfront expenses like hardware installations as well as ongoing maintenance costs).

Talking about the market acceptance of SaaS, according to a statista report, the market size of SaaS is estimated to reach around 73.6 billion U.S. dollars In 2018 which is likely to hike up to approx. 117.1 billion U.S. dollars after three years in 2021.

SaaS is a web-based software delivery model that is hosted remotely by Saas providers. It works on pay-as-you-use or subscription basis which clearly makes it budget-friendly as one can pay as long as he uses the services and can cancel the subscription, when not required, without any worries about unused expensive software. In addition to the cost benefits, SaaS provides easy accessibility, mobility, and easy scalability features that provides an edge to it over the conventional On-premises software system.

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