In this tech world where on demand apps are in great demand in every industry, the transportation service sector is not behind in any way. The idea of transportation on demand is rapidly touching the greater heights and today, we have a lot of taxi hailing and ride sharing apps that are gaining a huge success and high profits in the transportation industry. Gett (Formerly known as GetTaxi) is the popular ride sharing app, with a strong global presence in 4 countries namely Israel, United States, United Kingdom and Russia (spanning more than 120 cities) and is doing exceptionally well as the Uber’s Competitor in the ride hailing market. One thing for which Gett is extremely popular is- the high-quality ride booking services at a very reasonable price.

With the rising inclination of people towards car sharing or carpooling, the popularity of ride sharing apps like Gett is also on the rise. Along with offering a budget-friendly ride to passengers, a car sharing app helps the passengers to avoid the boredom that comes when one goes on a long journey alone with all the empty seats. By using cab sharing app to book a ride, the passenger can enjoy the company of his/her fellow passengers during the journey and that too at a decreased cost. Nowadays, taxi booking business owners are keen to invest their money in taxi app development so that they can reap huge benefits from this burgeoning popularity of ride booking apps. They dream of getting an app like bolt (or an app like taxify), gett app clone or an uber like app development for their business, to earn the high profits as earned by these popular apps.

If you are also looking to get an on demand taxi app for your business, you can share your requirements with the best mobile app development company and ask them for a quote to know the estimated taxi app development cost.


How does the Gett Clone work? What are the key features of an app like Gett?

Customer / Passenger App

Gett Line Separator
Gett Customer App

Book a Ride

With an app, a customer can book a ride anywhere and anytime when they need a cab.


Customers can get real-time notifications on the app, regarding the cab status and the latest promotional coupons.

Driver Location Tracking

The customer can easily view the actual location of the taxi driver with the help of integrated maps.

Multiple Payment Options

The passenger can make the payment for the ride using multiple options like debit/credit cards, net banking, crypto coins, PayPal, COD and other country oriented fund receiving gateways etc.

Referral Programmes

If the customers like your services, there is an option in the app with which they can refer it to their friends and family or other people in their social circle.

Rating & Feedback System

The customer can share the feedback about the ride and rate it as per his/her experience.

Driver App

Gett Line Separator
Gett Driver App

Real-Time Request Handling

The driver can accept or reject the ride requests from customers as per his/her own convenience.

Customer Location Tracking

With the app, the driver can easily track the customer’s location from where passengers are requesting for a ride.

Shortest & Optimized Route Finder

From all the available routes to reach the customer’s location, the driver can easily find the optimal route using the app.

Service Availability Status

The driver can turn on/off their availability status to let others know whether he/she is available for the service or not.

Income Summary

Using the app, the driver can get the details of all the trips and the income they have received from the service.

Gett Driver App

Operation Manager App / Panel

Gett Line Separator
Gett Operation Manager

Real-Time Notifications

The operation manager of a particular area can send real-time notifications to the user of the app related to that area. For example, if it is raining today, he/she can send the rainy day special discount coupons or offers to the users.

Document Processing Tool

The operation manager of an area can easily add/edit the driver information which includes their name, driving license, identity proofs, photos, contact number, address, and vehicle information as well like registration copy, insurance, pollution card.

Driver Management

The operation manager of a specific area can include new drivers and their vehicle info in the app so that there is no shortage of drivers in that area.

Dispatcher / Admin Panel

Gett Line Separator
Gett Admin Panel

Booking Request Management

The admin can view and manage all the cab booking requests under a single panel.

Customer Management

Using the admin panel, the dispatcher can manage profiles of customers and handle their queries easily.

Real-Time Tracking

Admin can track the real-time location of all the drivers and vehicles using the dispatcher panel.

Driver Management

With the panel, the dispatcher can efficiently manage all the drivers’ profiles and assign the new ride requests to the drivers.

Gett Admin Panel

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