Today, life is busy enough but we have all resources to execute any kind of task, which makes life easier and flexible. If we talk about working couples - who does the job in an industry or students - who are busy in their studies; they do not have spare time to wash their dirty clothes and even do not have enough time to go at a laundry shop. They always prefer some weekends and holidays to process this task.

In developed countries like the US, people spend their weekends with family as they no need to worry about their clothes. The laundromats have upgraded their business model to provide every possible comfort to them. Now customers have to just select their favorite laundromat and fill their address. In stipulated time-frame, they can get washed clothes. Thus uber for laundry delivery app development makes the customers accustomed to getting clothes washing service digitally.

Laundromats are getting high profit from these laundry delivery app services. It makes other laundromats to choose laundry delivery service app development solutions to earn targeted revenue.

The surge in demand for getwashio app clone, cleanly app clone and laundrapp clone from Indian app developers showcase the popularity of laundry app among the laundromats. It is obvious! As with on demand laundry and dry cleaning delivery app development for the business, it is not difficult to reach the potential customers with the brand.

The future scope of on demand laundry delivery app development can be anticipated from the statista report which shows that the revenue from this service based industry was 8029 million US dollars in 2017 and is expected to rise by around 60 million dollars by 2020.

We are top-notch dry cleaning and laundry app development company providing custom mobile application development services across the globe. If you have any doubt regarding the uber for laundry app development or laundry app development cost, get in touch with our laundry app developers. We will help you to build strong online business presence and generate target ROI.

Turnkey Laundry Business / Laundry Aggregator

If you want to be a laundry aggregator for your own turnkey laundry business, which can help you to sell your dry cleaning and laundry app to multiple vendors, then contact us for a quote.

Online Laundry and Dry Cleaning Delivery Business App Model

We have readymade custom web and native app solutions which can fulfill every need for laundry and dry cleaning delivery business app model

Laundry Marketplaces

Online Laundry and Dry Cleaning Marketplace

Be a Laundry and Dry Cleaning Marketplace Aggregator

We help entrepreneurs and laundry owners to build their startup and laundry marketplace.

Laundry Chains

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Chains

Get an online laundry delivery app

Manage your all laundry shops and dry cleaning stores with a centralized dashboard. Now, you can easily track the sale of each store.

Single Laundry Stores

Single Laundry Shop App

White Label Laundry Store App Development

Establish your business pipeline from single laundry shop to doorstep of customer.

Features of Dry Cleaning and Laundry Delivery Business App

With current market scenarios, surveys, and analysis, we update the features of laundry and dry cleaning app as well after some interval. We have both ready-made and custom solutions for our amazing customers.

Features for Customer App

Tutorial Screen
Tutorial and Onboarding Screens

Customers will be able to go through the onboarding process before actually started using the app with the tutorial screens.

Tutorial Screen
Account Setup Panel

Customers can start the app after registering their name, email id, their gender, contact information or through their social media accounts.

Tutorial Screen
Convenient Pickup - Delivery Scheduling

Customers can choose the flexible pickup and delivery time slot. Therefore, they can easily manage the things as per their own convenience.

Tutorial Screen
Real-Time Order Tracking Tool

Customers can nimbly track the status of their laundry bag in a real-time from the orders page. All the updates synced automatically in every device.

Tutorial Screen
Cost Calculator

Customers can easily calculate the actual cost of laundry services before placing the order. If your services will be pocket-friendly then it will help you to boost your sales.

Tutorial Screen

With a single tap, the customer can instantly quote for the same service at any selected address. There will still be the option to change the service if required.

Tutorial Screen
Real-Time Pop Up Notifications

The customers receive pop-up notifications regarding the various events and announcements about your business. It also keeps them informed of latest services available in your store.

Tutorial Screen
Order Status With History

The customers can get insights of all current and past orders with their status. It allows the customers to get updated detail of all the orders placed online which includes shipping updates, delivery, and payment details.

Tutorial Screen
Laundromat Search Filter

With the help of service, price and location search filter, the customer can search for a required laundromat among multiple laundromats.

Tutorial Screen
Multiple Address Options

While entering the address, the customer is provided with an option to add multiple addresses. They can choose any of them while placing the request for pick and drop service.

Tutorial Screen
Offers and Discount Coupons

The customers can get push up notifications of the various offers and discount vouchers offered by the laundromat and can stay engaged with the laundryman.

Tutorial Screen
Share If Laundryman Is Good

The customers can share the contact and service details of the laundromat on social media platform or messaging apps so that others can also take its advantage.

Tutorial Screen
Digital Invoice Generating Tool

The customers can receive the digital copy of the invoice in their registered email id which also includes multiple details like customer id, laundromat id and service taken.

Tutorial Screen
Multiple Payment Processing Systems

The customers can proceed their payment electronically through plenty of options like online net banking, stripe, Paypal, credit cards, debit cards, PayTm and bitcoins (Blockchain based payment processing system). Once they make payment through a card then they don't need to fill card details again.

Tutorial Screen
Ratings and Feedback Management System

The customers can review, provide ratings and feedback to the laundromat. It helps the new customers to make the decisions instantly.

Tutorial Screen
In-App Chat Helpline

This feature helps the customers to communicate with a laundromat through message or via call and receive the updates instantly.

Features for Admin Panel App

Multiple Store
Multiple Store Management

You can run and manage multiple laundries effortlessly from a single place. You can nimbly compare the revenue generated in various laundries.

Gallery Management
Gallery Management

You can add attractive images with relevant description showcasing your laundry services. You can update them on regular basis.

Vendor Panel
Vendors and Staff Management

You can update the list of vendors, staff members, and managers associated with your business. You can keep track of each employee’s schedule, hours, wages and more. You can assign the task to them and update their status.

Product List and Cost
Product List and Cost Management

You can easily update the list of services being provided in your laundry as per the available staff. You can also modify the price of any service as per your business.

Real-Time Order Tracking Management
Real-Time Order and Field Tracking Management

You can view the real-time location of the delivery agent through the GPS tracking. It helps you to update the status of laundry delivery service in real-time mode.

Customer Management
Customer Management

You can add, edit, view and manage all the details of the customers through their profile.

Real-Time Notifications

You can target a large audience in the very short span of time by sending notifications related to offers, loyalty programs, events or other discounts offered by you.

Multiple Payment
Multiple Payment Gateway Integrations

You can receive the payments from your customers through multiple options via an in-app integrated payment gateway. You can accept the payments from a debit card, credit card, net banking, PayPal, Stripe, Bitcoins (Blockchain based payment processing system) and Paytm.

Reviews and Feedback Management

Admin can check and manage the reviews and feedbacks given by the customers to their business which can be helpful to take decisions to execute business processes.

Ads Management

In order to attract the customers with visual ads, the admin can display animated images in different windows. It also makes the customers know about your latest offerings and services.


Admin can get a complete analytics chart and insightful reports which helps them to formulate future plans.

Customer Sales & Market Analytics
Customer, Sales and Market Analytics

Admin can get the complete market scenario of their business through in-app integrated analytics. Getting the realtime idea of the customers, daily sales, and expenses, the admin can plan the further strategy to boost their business.

Customer Sales & Market Analytics

You can send email or SMS reminders to the customers to remind them of the upcoming delivery schedules. It improves the employee-owner relationship.

Features for Store Manager App

Staff Management
Staff Management

You can arrange the list of delivery agents, staff members and managers with unique staff id provided to them. You can also maintain the record of their daily activities like their schedule, tasks, wages, and other useful information in a panel.

Product List & Cost
Product List and Cost Management

You can easily update the types of services provided in your laundry shop like dry cleaning, laundry and ironing. You can also change the price of any service anytime.

Real-Time Order Tracking
Real-Time Order and Field Tracking Management

You can update the laundry delivery status in real-time and let the customers know about their order. You can also track the delivery agent location with the help of in-app integrated google maps.

Customer Management
Customer Management

You can analyze the customer profile and their activities on laundry application. It helps to solve their issues faster and boost satisfaction.

Real-Time Notifications

You can also send real-time notifications to the customers regarding the special offers, loyalty programs, events, discount coupons and promotional activities organised by you to promote your laundry business. It also boosts customer-owner relationship.


You can also get the idea of the present and future financial state of the business with the help of insightful reports and analytics graph. It can help you to make plans to execute the business processes.

Sales and Market Analytics
Customer, Sales and Market Analytics

You can also get the detailed report and analytics of customers, sales and market which can help you to evaluate the business processes and operations. With the analytics graph, you can check all the business records.

Inventory Management
Inventory Management

You can easily track your daily sales and expenses in your laundry business in order to provide the hassle-free services to the customers.

Help and Support
Help and Support

Through in-app built chat feature, the customer can get in touch with you anytime and anywhere. They can get the real-time updates of their order.

Features for Delivery Agent App

Delivery Updation Tool
Delivery Status Updation Tool

The laundry delivery service agent get real time notification on their smartphone when the new order arrives. They can change the status from "order processing" to "order delivered" after getting the signature from the customer.

Live Tracking Path
Live Tracking Path

The delivery agent can track the real-time location of the customer and follow the shortest path to reach the customer doorstep.

Profile Management
Profile Management

The delivery agent can maintain their updated profile with their contact number, email id and photo and be a high rated agent by providing quality services.

How It Works

If customers want to hire nearby laundry for their clothes they will send a request by an app. After getting the request on their admin panel, Admin or Owner will send pick-up boy to customer doorstep.
After placing the successful order, a customer will get token or order number so he or she can easily track it to check the current status.

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After the successful deployment & launching programme, we also offer you one-month free support for bug fixing and testing.

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