Rinse is a popular laundry delivery app that disrupted the on demand laundry market back in 2013. The San Francisco-based, laundry and dry cleaning mobile app, has raised an amount of $23.5M in funding to date. Addressing a big consumer problem and creating a more standardized and significantly better laundry experience, Rinse has an estimated revenue of $1.7 million annually. The best laundry app comprises of smart pick-up, quality-washing, and timely delivery. However, it is backed up by a strong technology backbone that allows effective management of the operational complexity coming with scale.There are unorganized segments in this million-dollar industry that are opportunities for startups. Entrepreneurs can capitalize on them by making an online laundry delivery system like Rinse.

According to a report from Zion Market Research the on demand laundry delivery service was valued at USD 9,358 million in 2016. This figure is expected to reach USD 96,155 million by 2024. Entrepreneurs from India will be amazed to know that only 5% of India's 20,000 Crore laundry market accounts are organized. Launching an app like Rinse in a market full of opportunities can bring success to anyone. Even in the US, the online laundry business is expected to reach 14.5 US billion dollars by 2025.

However, when it comes to making a technically sound dry cleaners app, you need an advanced approach for a robust market presence. A laundry app development company should be able to make a high-quality and constructive digital platform like Rinse. According to Crunchbase, Rinse uses 26 technology products and services in its process. Our on demand laundry software solutions can shape an ideal future for your company by integrating appropriate tech stacks in your Rinse app clone. On demand apps have been the reason for substantial growth for many startups. With the best mobile app development company by your side, you can expect significant growth and success in your laundry business. Apart from it, the on-time delivery of quality services is a must thing for running a successful business, the flaws in it due to any reason may cause the failure of a laundry service app.

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How does the Rinse Clone work? What are the key features of an app like Rinse?

Customer App

Rinse Line Separator
Rinse Customer App

Online Order Requesting

Enable customers to send pick-up and drop requests instantly in a few taps with in-app tutorials offered to understand the interface.

Convenient Pick-Up and Delivery Scheduling

Customers can schedule the laundry pick-up and delivery timings as per their convenience while placing an order for cleaning or washing.

Real-Time Order Tracking

Customers can track their laundry process in real-time. They can also see the estimated completion time in the clothes washing app.


Customers can turn on the app notifications to get their order status, latest discount coupons, and new offers.

Multiple Payment Options

With multiple in-app payment options available, customers get the ease to pay with credit/debit cards, net banking, and in-built wallets. They can also choose COD to pay in cash while the laundry is delivered.

Referral Programs

If customers like the app, they can share it with friends and family through referral option available in the app.

Delivery Agent App

Rinse Line Separator
Rinse Driver App

Order Status Updation

Delivery agents can toggle the order status from pending to delivered by taking digital signatures of the customers on the agent app after successful delivery of the laundry.

Profile Management

Delivery agents can update and manage their agent profile through the agent app. They can also check ratings given to them by customers.

Shortest Route Tracking

Delivery agents can drive through safest and shortest routes with real-time maps integration into the app. It aids in offering on-time laundry delivery.

Rinse Driver App

Store Manager App

Rinse Line Separator
Rinse Operation Manager

Staff Management

Operation managers can view and update staff information including delivery agents and other employees. Managers can keep track of the daily activities of the members to streamline business process such as laundry pick-up and drop timings.

Real Time Order Tracking

Managers can track their delivery agents in real-time with the help of Google map integration into the dry cleaning software to keep customers happy with on-time pick-up and delivery.


Managers can send instant PUSH notifications to the customers related to discount coupons and new offers.


Managers can view reports in the laundry management software to keep track of all the business sales, expenses, and ROI. These reports can be used to cut down unnecessary expenditures.

Stock Management

Enables managers to monitor all the stock and inventory items. It can avoid misuse of stock items and prevent the stock shortage.

Help and Support

24x7 built-in chat feature enables managers to answer customer queries related to services of the laundry delivery app.

Admin Panel

Rinse Line Separator
Rinse Admin Panel

Multiple Store Management

Enable admins to run and manage various laundries around an area from a single panel. They can also see revenue comparison of the laundry through the same system.

Cost Management

Enable admins to add new services in their laundry service list. They can also alter the costs of the laundry services through the Admin Panel.

Customer Management

Enable admins to add, view, manage, or edit all the customer profiles associated with the clothes washing app. Admins can also offer customized discounts and new offers by monitoring customer behavior.

Real-Time Order / Delivery Agent Tracking

With Google-map integration, admins can track order and delivery agents in real-time to notify customers about the order status.

Rinse Admin Panel

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