With the burgeoning trend of on-demand apps, every industry is adopting Uber For X business model to streamline and target the maximum customer base. In the same time, the gas on demand industry is also gaining momentum by providing online gasoline delivery service to the people in needy time.

What is on-demand gas delivery app?

A gas app/fuel app is trending buzzword in the market areas of EMEA. Using on-demand fuel delivery app, users can request for the flammable liquid whenever they need to fuel up their vehicle without visiting the gas stations. After getting the online request for the fuel delivery service, an agent will reach the location of a customer with a mini-tankers or trucks to fuel the stopped vehicle.

Saudi Arabia, the United States, and Russia are the largest producer of gasoline. To disrupt the oil and gas industry market, entrepreneurs from these areas are investing their million of dollars into the best mobile app development company to get gas delivery service app solutions for their business. If you also want to be a game changer in your niche then get in touch with us for your custom gasoline delivery app.

Online Gasoline Delivery Business App Model

Goteso provides custom mobile app development solutions which can succour every kind of gasoline delivery business models.

Online Fuel / Gas Marketplace

Online Fuel / Gas Marketplace

Be a Fuel/Gas Industry Aggregator

Make a network pipeline between the customers and retailers to earn a commission out of it by delivering gas/fuel on demand.

Fuel / Gas Retail Outlets App

Fuel / Gas Retail Outlets App

Get a retail app for your fuel pumps or gas stations

Manage each fuel or gas retail outlets using the single dashboard and track the sale of each outlets using analytics graph.

Single Fuel Pump / Gas Station App

Single Fuel Pump / Gas Station App

White Label App For Your Fuel Pump / Gas Station

Connect every customer with your gasoline delivery app which assists them in road-side problems due to lack of fuel/gas.

Features of Fuel / Gas Delivery Application

Customer App

Tutorial and Onboarding Screens

Customer or restaurant owner can easily learn and get the idea that how to use the app via welcome screens.

Account Setup Panel

A customer can easily create an account by entering his/her contact number, email id, and restaurant or other address where they need to receive gas or fuel.

Convenient Pickup - Delivery Scheduling

A customer or restaurant manager can easily schedule the pick-up and delivery date and time for fuel or gas as per their requirement in a kitchen or vehicle.

Real-Time Fuel/Gas Tanker Tracking Tool

A customer can track the fuel or gas delivery tanker and delivery agent in their mobile app whenever they need it.

Cost Calculator

A restaurant manager or customer can get the idea about the pricing of fuel or gas before making an order. Sometimes prices can be get fluctuate.


If a restaurant manager or customer needs the same fuel or gas in the previous quantity then they can request for an order in just a second via Reorder feature.

Real-Time Pop Up Notifications

A kitchen manager or customer can get a real-time push or SMS notifications related to order status, coupons, and discounts.

Order Status With History

A customer or restaurant manager can check the previous order status with history including price and ordered items anytime.

Multiple Address Options

A customer or restaurant owner can add multiple delivery locations where they need to receive fuel or gas.

Digital Invoice Generating Tool

A customer or restaurant manager will receive the digital invoice on their registered email account after placing the order.

Multiple Payment Processing Systems

A restaurant manager or customer can pay for the fuel or gas using multiple modes.

Ratings & Feedback Management System

A customer can share his/her fuel or gas delivery experience on the app which helps the owner to get the idea about the ongoing business.

In-App Chat Helpline

A restaurant manager or customer can seek any type of help related to fuel or gas delivery business via interacting with the support team.

Admin Panel

Multiple Fuel Pump / Gas Station Management

An owner can operate and manage the working process of an app using a single dashboard.

Vendors and Staff Management

An admin can add and manage the new vendors and other staff members. In the vendor panel, admin can easily check the rating, profile, sales and other useful information of any vendor. By using the staff panel, the owner can check the profile, work delivered, behavior and other essential information of each employee.

Cost Management

An admin can add, and update the price of fuel or gas commodity, distance, and cancellation charge cost anytime as per the business requirements.

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking Tool

An owner or admin can track the location of fuel or gas delivery agents or drivers to find out the actual delay in a delivery process.

Customer Management

An admin can know the customer purchasing behavior, pending payments, sales, and feedback provided by them.

Real-Time Notifications

An owner or admin can send notifications using push or SMS related to the offers, discounts, app updates, and other business promotion stuff.

Multiple Payment Gateway Integrations

An owner can receive the funds using the multiple payment channels like debit/credit cards, crypto coins, wallets, PayPal, stripe, and country-oriented payment gateways.

Reviews and Feedback Management

An admin can receive the review of their services using the in-built feedback panel and make the decision appropriately to succor the business in the future.

Ads Management

An owner can run the ad campaign in the app by using the ad management tool to engage more potential customers in business.


An owner can generate the reports by daily, weekly, monthly or yearly selection filters for the sales, expenses, staff, and vendors.

Operation Manager App

Staff Management

A manager can easily view and update the profile, salary, attendance, and worksheets of the employees working inside your fuel pump or gas stations.

Product List and Cost Management

A manager can easily update the overall cost of fuel and gas as per decided price, distance cost and cancellation charge.

Real-Time Tanker / Vehicle Tracking Management

A manager can easily track the fuel tanker or gas loaded vehicle in case of late processing of the orders and to check the credibility of the delivery agent using integrated maps.

Customer Management

A manager can view and manage the profile, shopping behavior, and pending payments of customers using this app.

Real-Time Notifications

A manager can send push/SMS notifications to the customers by providing scheme coupons, discounts, and other essential information related to the app which helps to hike the customer retention ratio.


A manager can get a detailed report of his/her sales, customer growth, profit, and loss graph.

Customer, Sales and Market Analytics

A manager can view the graphical or tabular format representation of data which are collected by the app on a daily basis to estimate the flow of business and the future decisions.

Inventory Management

A manager can maintain the stock of fuel or gas. They will get a notification when the stock of fuel or gas will go below the decided storage limit.

Delivery Agent App

Delivery Status Updation Tool

A driver or an agent can update the status of delivery whether it is accepted by the customer or not.

Live Tracking Path

A driver or an agent can track the location of a customer or restaurant manager using the optimized shortest routes.

Profile Management

A driver or an agent can view and update his/her profile like a photo, bank account, and vehicle information.

Customer Acceptance Signature

After the successful delivery of fuel or gas, an agent or driver will take a digital signature on the app as acceptable proof.

Real-Time Order Request Tool

A driver or an agent can get real-time fuel or gas delivery order request via customer or manually by the manager.

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