Website For Online Chicken Supply

Today, every chicken business owner need an eCommerce website to expand their customer reach and increase sales. An online platform allows customers to conveniently order their favourite chicken products from the comfort of their own homes. With an eCommerce website, owners can showcase their products, manage inventory, and process payments efficiently. In addition, a website provides a platform to reach new customers, improve customer engagement and build a strong online presence. Investing in an eCommerce website can help chicken retailers, processors or suppliers stay competitive and grow their business in the long run.

Website For Online Chicken Supply

App For Online Raw Chicken Delivery Service

An app allow customers to easily browse products, place orders, and make payments from their mobile devices. Additionally, apps can push notifications to customers, keeping them informed about sales, promotions, and new products. Apps also offer more personalised experiences, such as storing customer information and preferences, making it easier for sellers to target their audience and increase customer loyalty. With the growing popularity of mobile devices, having an app can help chicken retailers or suppliers stay ahead of the competition and reach more customers in the digital space.

App For Online Raw Chicken Delivery Service

POS Software For Chicken Store

POS (Point of Sale) software is crucial for any chicken store as it streamlines the sales process and provides valuable insights into the business operations. With a POS system, chicken store owners can track sales in real-time, manage inventory, process transactions, and generate reports. This software eliminates the need for manual processes and reduces the chances of human error, saving time and money. Additionally, POS software provides valuable data and analytics, allowing retail owners to make informed decisions about product pricing, marketing, and inventory management. With its many benefits, investing in a POS system can help chicken retailers or suppliers grow their business and improve their bottom line.

POS Software For Chicken Store

Business Models For Chicken Industry

Give a chicken order app to your customer and deliver meat directly from your farm / shop to customer kitchen.

Online Chicken Market

Online Chicken Market Platform

Engage other poultry farm owners, suppliers, retailers, processors, and wholesalers in your multi-vendor app. And start earning the commission on each online sale of chicken products.

Farm To Kitchen Delivery

Poultry Farm To Kitchen Delivery

Make more revenue by building a direct selling bridge between your farm to customers kitchen.

Online Chicken Shop

Online Chicken Shop

Take your traditional single chicken shop or multiple branches online using an app and start targeting customers beyond physical store boundaries.

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Features of Chicken Website and Customer App

You can receive the online chicken order from the customer using an app or/and website.

Features of Dashboard / Admin Panel for Farm / Store Owner

Manage all the business operations like customers, sales, products, staff, and revenue using a single dashboard.

Features of Merchant / Vendor / Outlet / Store Manager App

Make your manager/vendor that much capable so that they can manage your shop/farm/branch individually.

Features of Fresh Chicken Home Delivery Partner / Agent App

Make your delivery agents smart by giving them collision-free short paths during rides.

Build Your Online Chicken Ordering App Like

Here, we have a few raw chicken home delivery app solutions to streamline your business needs.

Tools | Technology Stack For Our Team

To make our services/products better, we use the following tools, technologies, and frameworks.
Please let us know how we can help you with the following.

iOS Based Customer App

iOS Based Delivery Agent App

iOS Based Vendor / Store Manager App

Android Based Customer App

Android Based Delivery Agent App

Android Based Vendor / Store Manager App

Ecommerce Website For Customers

Store Web Panel

Control / Admin Panel













React Native



Android Studio





WhatsApp Notifications

Route Optimisation

Point of Sale (POS)

Compare Prices

Call Center Dashboard

Staff Management

FAQs For Chicken Delivery App Development

  • Which platform should I prefer while developing chicken app?

    That depends upon the number of platform users in your country where you want to launch an app. If your country has more iOS platform-based consumers then focus on iOS; otherwise you can choose an Android with a less investment.

  • The development cost depends upon the various parameters that you require in an app, like it can be features, functionality, deliverables, and platforms. At Goteso, you can find the chicken app according to your business level and budget like -

    • We have monthly subscription-based software named “Ordefy” for the startups.
    • And Small businesses can start online operations using our readymade white label app solutions.

    If you have the custom and unique business requirements similar to other chicken delivery apps like Licious, Fipola, Tender Cuts and FreshToHome, then it will cost you around $25,000 - $90,000.

  • You can sell chicken online today with the help of our monthly subscription-based product "Ordefy". But if your requirement is unique and different, then we can help you to develop custom chicken app within a time period of 3-6 months.

  • Yes, you can launch a halal chicken delivery website / app with your logo and brand name. And can add the new revenue pipeline to your existing meat / farm business.

Why Do You Need Goteso For Business IT Solutions?

We always try to increase the number of ways that can bring a smile to the client's face.

Clean Source Code With Directive Comments

From the first day, we always maintained the quality of the source code with proper commenting and directive functions. So that whenever maintenance or an add-on is required then it can be easily understandable without any dependency.

World Class UI/UX Designs

To understand the client's requirements in depth, we always go with the wireframe and prototyping approach. After the successful approval from the client-side, we design the UI/UX in such a way that is easy to use and manageable under the Apple Human Interface and Google Material Design guidelines.

Team of Dedicated & Smart People

We have a set of smart people who are efficient enough to deliver perfection in their respective domains. Try these "Gotesors" for your quality-oriented project and figure it out how they are different from other ones.

Watchdog for Project Progress

Track the progress report of your ongoing project anytime on Project Management Tool (PMT).

Readymade / SAAS Based Solutions for Startups

We have several readymade / SAAS-based software solutions for every kind of industry and business sectors on monthly / yearly basis. Now, every entrepreneur who is willing to do business can associate with us with a minimum investment.

Project Maintenance & Support Process

We provide 6 months of maintenance and support after the successful completion of a project under proper guidelines.

Pocket-Friendly Pricing Models

You can start the project and do the payment on the basis of the following models.

  • Weekly / Monthly Pricing Model
  • Hourly-Rate Pricing Model
  • Fixed / Flat Rate Pricing Model

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