Why your traditional butcher shop needs an e-commerce based meat website?

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Before discussing the benefits of having an e-commerce website for meat business, we need to understand about the actual difference between the landing / static website and e-commerce website for the business. When we are discussing about the website, mostly business owners think that – “why do they need another website because they already have it”. Are you sure that your current website is really helpful for the business and giving new customers to you? Well, usually businesses have 2 kinds of websites – landing or static website and e-commerce website.

  • Landing and static websites are used only for showing the basic information that may include organisation’s hierarchy level, team or staff member details, products or service details, contact information and the photos that represent the specific products.
  • E-commerce website is one that help you to sell your products and services online over the internet. Using an e-commerce website, your customer can purchase meat products online and pay you digitally over the internet. You can update the website information anytime using the control panel (or dashboard panel). You can also communicate with customers through this e-commerce website as well.

These are the basic features of an e-commerce website over the static or landing website. But if you want to scale up the meat business, expecting more customers and revenue base then you need a good technology partner who can provide the best e-commerce website for your traditional butcher shop.

Features of e-Commerce Based Meat Website 

Changing Customer Behaviour

Since the last few years, customer buying behavior has changed tremendously. Due to their busy schedules and easy reach to the products availability online, they prefer e-shopping. According to the Statista report, the global retail e-commerce business had already clocked sales revenue of more than 5.7 trillion USD in 2022. Now you can easily imagine how big this meat market could be in the future.

Customer Database

In traditional retail meat business, you were not maintaining the detailed information of the customers. But using this e-commerce website, your customer’s detailed information is getting stored automatically when they’ll register themselves with your website. This may include their photo, name, contact number, email id, and address.

Competitive Pricing

You can give the competition to the competitors by selling the online meat at cheap rates. You don’t need a shop to sell meat in the busy area of the city; now you can save more money on the renting and purchasing cost. And after saving more on the operational cost, you can sell the meat at low prices and attract more customers using an online e-commerce website.

Promotional Messages

You can send the promotional messages and discount offers to the customers because your customer database is already getting created automatically at backend.

Multilingual Support

If your city having the people whom are not aware about the regional language, then multilingual-based website can help them to make an online order.

Ad Revenue

If your meat brand is famous in the city, then help others to sell their products / services through ads and earn more revenue.

Multiple Payment Options

You can receive the payment for the online meat order using multiple money processing options; that are currently available in your country.

FAQs Section

You can write the detailed notes in the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section for the customers. If you are unavailable then they can learn more about the business there.

Business Expansion

You can expand the meat business to multiple cities and manage the  stores using a single website.

Staff Management

You can manage the entire staff of multiple meat outlets with a single website. This may include salaries, documents, attendance, profiles, etc.

Sales Analysis

If you want to know the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly sales, then you can view it in the graphical format. 

Product Management

At any time, you can update the meat products with the photos, prices, discounts, categories, and subcategories.

Tax Invoices

Using this e-commerce website, a tax-added invoice for your customers will be generated automatically.

These are the core features of an e-commerce based meat website. If you want to know more about the online meat delivery business and also looking to launch a website with such features, then get in touch with us anytime. Get a free consultation for an online butchery website and meat delivery app by writing an email to us at info@goteso.com or you can directly reach us via call at +1 415-992-6367 (US/CANADA) or via WhatsApp at +91 62833-64139 (INDIA).

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