On-demand apps are dedicating their efficacy to multiple industries and the food industry is highly influenced by the same. The concept of food delivery app development has allowed businesses to observe their customer's behavior at a better level. Even considering the success of food on demand apps like Zomato, Grubhub, and Seamless, a gradual demand is encountered by millions of food businesses around the world. Apart from this, the online food ordering software supports your business with a strong content platform, feedback mechanism, innovative visuals, and enhancement of user experience. All these attributes improve the loyalty of a brand gradually.

According to a survey, the expected revenue growth for online food delivery software is 9.9% (CAGR 2019-2023). If you also want to crack the online food market with a brilliant food order and delivery app, you have landed at the right place. Do you have the vision to buy the best online food app for your business? If yes, our team will take you there.

We are geared up to help with the on-demand food order application development services, which will connect the potential customers with your brand's online channel. We simply cater to all types of food businesses from small to large, as we constantly believe in delivering innovative ideas that match our customer's requirement. What makes Goteso the best food delivery app development company in the region is - our Work Mantra of being scalable, productive, responsive and customer friendly on every point and being the perfect choice for thousands of brands across Canada, USA, India, Africa, Australia and many more. Now, manage all of your order requests easily with our mobile food ordering app for restaurants.

Why we have the best food delivery service app solutions?

Goteso combines innovation, technology, and design and support services for both Android and iOS platforms to offer you the best online food order app. Plus, our experts will put the best-proven business models that will help to develop and launch your online food delivery software for your business in the quickest time.

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Online Food Delivery App For Every Business Model

Goteso's food delivery solution is a tailor-made software that caters to your every business process. Our Solution includes fully-featured & 100% customizable Web, iOS, and Android platforms to make it wholly suitable for your business model.

Food Marketplaces

Online Food Marketplace

Be A Food Delivery Marketplace Aggregator

By offering the best-in-class food delivery app development services, Goteso helps the entrepreneurs & food delivery store owners to build their online marketplace like Talabat and UberEats.

Food Chains

Food / Restaurant Chains

Build An Online Food Delivery App For Your Outlets

Manage your all food delivery stores / restaurants with a centralized dashboard. Now, you can easily track the sale of each store.

Single Food Store

Single Food Delivery Store / Resturant App

White Label Food Store App Development

Build your direct business pipeline from your Food store to doorstep of customer.

Features of Our On-Demand Food Delivery Application Solution

 Customer Food

Tutorial and Onboarding Screens

The food delivery application allows the customer to swipe through the tutorial screens and get a better idea of the actual benefits of the app.

Account Setup Panel

A customer can create an account just by sharing his/ her email address, phone number or social profile name in the food service app.

Convenient Pickup - Delivery Scheduling

A customer can schedule a delivery date and time of the meal on demand according to their convenience. In case the shipment is not possible, they can collect their food bags from the nearest store with the food pickup app.

Real-Time Order Tracking Tool

The local food delivery app shares the real-time location of a customer's order with in-app integrated google maps.

Cost Calculator

A customer can easily calculate the total cost of the placed order.


With the Online food ordering system, a customer can re-order the same food items at any of the shared addresses and customize the items as required in the checkout section.

Real-Time Pop Up Notifications

A customer gets real-time updates of the order, offers, and discounts available in the store. This is brought into action via pop-up notifications.

Order Status With History

Through the food order application, customer can check all the previous orders, their bills along with order ID and status of the current order.

Product Search Filter

Customers can search the food by item name or can filter the search by price, ratings, store, category, and location etc.

Multiple Address Options

The customer can add multiple addresses in the address list and can choose the desired one while placing the online order.

Offers and Discount Coupons

Customers can take the advantage of offers, loyalty programs and discount vouchers offered by the store owner. It increases their loyalty to the business.

Share If Product Is Good

The customers can share details like photo, link etc. of their favorite food item of the store with others through social media apps or other messaging apps.

Digital Invoice Generating Tool

The customer will receive the digital copy of the invoice to their registered email id. Along with cost, the other information like customer ID, order ID etc will also be present in that.

Multiple Payment Processing Systems

Customers can proceed with the hassle-free payment process through multiple options like online net banking, stripe, Paypal, credit cards, debit cards, PayTm and bitcoins (Blockchain based payment processing system).

Ratings & Feedback Management System

The customers can get the idea of the quality of food and service provided by the food store; from the rating section. It includes all the ratings, feedbacks and reviews given by the customer.

In-App Chat Helpline

Customers can easily connect with the store owner or delivery boy instantly through chat or call. It helps the customer to stay updated with their order status.


Customers can add their most liked food items in the favorite list and can add to cart instantly without searching in the listing.

Admin Pnel

Multiple Store Management

You can run and manage multiple food stores effortlessly from a single place.

Menu Management

You can collect the menu listings from partner restaurants and represent the best to attract the customers.

Vendors and Staff Management

You can easily update the existing staff records like attendance, expenses, worksheets, profiles etc. You can add and update the staff members information using the unique employee id or can delete any staff records if the member is no longer associated with your business.

Product List and Cost Management

You can easily add and update the item information, cost of products, items availability and categories as per your own convenience.

Real-Time Order and Field Tracking Management

Admin can update the food ordering and delivery status within a second. You can also track the real-time location of delivery agent to ensure fast delivery.

Customer Management

Admin can add, view, delete or organize the customer details and keep them up to date with his/her business processes.

Real-Time Notifications

Admin can send notifications related to special offers, loyalty programs, events, discount coupons and promotional activities to the customers who are associated with the business and helps to keep them connected with the business. It is the best method to engage with the large audience in short time.

Multiple Payment Gateway Integrations

You can get online food ordering and delivery app with multiple payment gateway integrations which can help you to receive the payments from the customers by a debit card, credit card, net banking, PayPal, Stripe, Bitcoins (Blockchain based payment processing system) and Paytm.

Reviews and Feedback Management

Admin can check the reviews, ratings, and feedback from customers and get the idea of strong and weak points of your service.

Ads Management

Admin can add animated banners on the main page which will showcase your promoted items, offers and partner stores that can help you to generate more sales.


You can make future plans with the help of insightful reports and in-app integrated analytics chart.

Customer, Sales and Market Analytics

You can take decision for future planning by analyzing the market parameters like daily sales, a number of customers served and daily expenses.


You can set an alert that notifies customers of their scheduled food delivery time. It uplifts the satisfaction level of the customer.


Staff Management

The store managers can manage the list of staff members, delivery agents, and managers by providing them unique employee id. They can update their routine activities like attendance, expenses, worksheets, profiles, and other useful information in a panel.

Product List and Cost Management

The store managers can provide the list of recipes, their categories and subcategories as per your own convenience with availability status. You can edit their cost or category in the future.

Real-Time Order and Field Tracking Management

Store managers can update the food order status within a second in real-time mode. Store managers can track the order and delivery agent status to ensure on time food delivery.

Customer Management

Store managers can add, view and manage the details and other personal information of the customers to resolve their issues faster.

Real-Time Notifications

The store manager can send notifications to the customers related to the special offers, loyalty programs, events, discount coupons and promotional activities just with a single click.


The store manager can easily analyze the in-app integrated analytics and generate insightful reports which can help them to make future decisions.

Customer, Sales and Market Analytics

The store manager can maintain the report and analytics of customers, sales, and market which can help them to make more accurate business predictions and drive better performance.

Inventory Management

The inventory management helps to keep the stock organized and maintains a smooth supply flow. The feature provides an accurate list of the available items to keep a daily track on their usage.

Help and Support

Store managers can resolve the issues and queries of the customers within the second through the chat feature available in the mobile food delivery app.


Delivery Status Updation Tool

The delivery agents will get notifications when the store manager request to deliver the new order. After delivering the food at the doorstep of customers, they update the order status as delivered.

Live Tracking Path

Through google maps, the delivery agent can easily check the address and trace the exact location of the customer.

Profile Management

Delivery agents can maintain their profile with an updated contact number, email id and photo using profile section.

Build Your Online Food Delivery App Like

Want to build your on-demand food delivery app? And looking for a secure, world-class quality product & best app development agency to start?
Here, we have a few white label food delivery solutions to streamline your business needs.


FAQs About Food Delivery App Development

  • How much does it cost to develop a food delivery app for my restaurant?

    The food delivery app development cost depends on the features you need, the platform (iOS/Android), & the required deliverables. Moreover, the prices vary based on the type of solution you choose - a custom software, a ready-made solution, or a monthly subscription model. In general, a food delivery platform can cost somewhere between $10,000 to $80,000.

  • Yes, we offer a subscription based food delivery app solution which caters to the needs of small businesses.

  • In case you go for the custom solution, it depends on your requirements and the complexity of the app. But, if you opt for the ready-made solution or subscription model, apps can usually be deployed within two business weeks.

  • If you purchase a custom software solution, we provide free support for six months. In case you opt for our monthly subscription option, you will get the support as long as you subscribe to our services.

  • It depends on your budget and the stage/level your business is currently on. If you are already running a successful business, a custom solution will be the best for you. But, If you are thinking to launch a startup without any prior foothold in your niche and are on the beginner level, you can go with the ready-made solution or subscription model.

  • No matter what your current business model is, commission-based, multiple food business chains or a single eatery/restaurant; along with increasing online brand visibility & popularity, such software lets you manage everything in your business processes with much-added accuracy. All this leads to an expanding customer base, and ultimately a boost in revenue.

  • Yes, we do provide apps in multiple languages based on the client’s requirements.

  • Hybrid apps though may be easier to build or maintain, but these can’t compete with the native apps in terms of customer experience. Being faster & smooth, native apps perform much better than the hybrid ones. If the customer’s ease is your primary concern, you should go with the native apps.

  • Building a perfect food ordering app for your business can be done in 5 easy steps:-

    1. Choose the right business model for you.
    2. Choose the type of software solution you need. (Custom, Readymade or Subscription-based)
    3. Select the features that you need in the food app. You can also share your business process/requirements with us, so that we can help you in choosing the features.
    4. Tell us the payment gateway integrations you need.
    5. Leave the rest to us!!
  • Sure, you can get detailed information about it on our blog post related to popular food delivery apps.

  • Yes, we offer the source code deal as per the client’s requirement.

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