Uber like taxi app development cost with its key features

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Uber Like Taxi App Development Cost With Its Key Features

Since 2009, Uber has been considered to be one of the most successful cab business startups across the globe. According to DMR – Statistics, its taxi mobile application has managed to achieve a milestone of 111 million customers with $62 billion total valuation till now. This huge success of Uber business has inspired a lot of young entrepreneurs to start an online taxi business. They are also willing to touch the heights that Uber has already reached. This is why they have begun to explore the best taxi app builder to develop an uber clone for their business. Some of the entrepreneurs also look for a leading on demand taxi app development company that can help them to build an app like uber within their budget.

But, keep in mind that estimating the exact cost of taxi aggregator app development is kinda hard. Cost of the best uber clone script depends on the design, features, architecture and many other aspects. Below, we will go through some features of the taxi apps like uber to determine their production cost.

How features can help to determine the cost of uber like app development?

Features is a huge factor to estimate the price of cab booking app development. Generally, an uber like taxi mobile app is a set of three modules i.e. a driver app, a passenger app, and an admin panel. All these modules come with some different and unique features which we will discuss below.

Outstanding features for the passenger app

1. Easy Sign-up Process

This feature allows passengers to register in the taxi app using their existing social media account or their contact number. Once the sign up is done, they can book their cab anytime with a single tap and enjoy their ride.

2. Seamless Payment

In traditional taxi services, customers used to argue with the drivers due to high cab fares. But today, the scenario is different as online cab booking system has eradicated this issue. Now, you can have an estimation of your fare before booking the cab and make payments online with a few taps.

3. Location Tracking System

The tracking feature in the app allow customers to track the real-time status of the driver through the integrated GPS system. They can also get the list of cabs which are running within the particular radius.<

4. Real-time cab tracking tool

The most convenient feature in the passenger app is real-time tracking that allows customers to view the taxis that are nearby them and track the exact location of their ride using integrated GPS system. It will increase the customer retention and productivity of your business efficiently.

5. Customer’s feedback & review

Customer’s feedback is an important key for a business to grow. Using a feedback portal, customers can rate the driver according to their performance and provide an honest feedback of their personal experience. It will help business owners to check the efficiency of the drivers and also find out their business’ shortcomings and strengths.

Service-oriented features for the driver app

1. Real Time Maps Integration

Drivers always look for taxi apps that mitigate their efforts in searching the locations of the passengers. The GPS system integrated into the taxi driver app will lead them to the exact location of the customers without any hassle.

2. New Ride Request Alerts

Drivers will get notifications and information about the new bookings on their pickup app like uber which they can accept or decline as per their availability and convenience.

3. Automatic Ride Shifting Tool

The drivers have 15-30 seconds to accept or decline the incoming cab request. They can view the details about the distance between their current location and customer’s pickup point . And if they don’t accept the request in a stipulated period of time, then the request will automatically be passed on to another nearby driver.

4. Work Performance Graph

Drivers will get important insights into their total trips, overall performance, feedbacks and ratings given by the customers on the app’s dashboard so that they stay motivated and work harder to improve their services.

5. Availability Status Updation Tool

Drivers can nimbly update their working availability status as per their own convenience. Using this tool, they can set alerts to remind themselves about the break time or any other important task.

Significance of an admin panel

An admin panel is supposed to be the robust backbone of a taxi booking app that

  • Stores, controls and manages in-app dealings to streamline the business.
  • Shows and handles application’s reviews and ratings to have an insight into business success.
  • Helps drivers with the best navigation routes to reach the location in the shortest possible time.
  • Collects and maintains important data about revenues to make further decisions for the business growth.
  • Helps in running the smooth business through well-processed information.

Exceptional features of a taxi mobile application

1. Prime membership for customers

You can retain your customers by including the prime membership feature in your booking app. This feature will allow them to choose a membership plan as per their requirements and enjoy free rides according to their subscription. It will extensively spread your business to people and help you to turn them into potential customers.

2. Commission Rate For Diverse Regions

You can set different commission rates for the drivers in different regions that will automatically be deducted from their app account. Moreover, the feature rich taxi app provides you an authority to manage the amount to be charged from the drivers.

3. ROI Tracking Tool

You can nimbly calculate your ROI using inbuilt analytics tool. This feature will allow you to make further plans for the success of your business by optimally analyzing the performance of your taxi app.

So, how much does it cost to develop a taxi mobile application? Let’s try to figure it out.

The above written taxi app features can help you to determine the development cost. Every feature in an Uber cab booking application is developed with robust efforts for your strong online business presence, which takes approx. 400-750 hours. So keeping all the factors in mind, a single-platform application with basic features would cost $8K – $15K approximately. However, the quality taxi mobile app development for both iOS and Android would cost somewhere around $20K – $100K.

For more information about the taxi app development cost, you can share your queries at info@goteso.com. You can also have a look at the extraordinary features that we include in on demand taxi app to keep our clients stay satisfied with our professional services and build long-term business relationship with them.

So, What are you waiting for? Get in touch with the top taxi booking app builders now!

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