Why your business needs uber like app development solutions?

Updated -   January 11, 2021 at 11:09 pm   |  3975 Views
Why Your Business Needs Uber Like App Development Solutions

When it comes to hailing the taxi, the very first thing that comes to people’s mind is “Uber”. Till 2009, getting the taxi was a big hassle for the people. After the arrival of Uber in 2009, many other taxi players like Ola, Lyft etc get connected with the customers through tech platform. Nowadays, the situation is that the online taxi-hailing business becomes one of the most successful businesses in the world in terms of turnover and customer base.

Currently, Uber is providing its services in 83 countries and globally it has covered more than 680 cities. The business which earned the revenue of 0.1 million USD dollars in 2013, had transformed these figures into 7.5 in 2017 by a report. We can estimate how rapidly this business is expanding.

This huge paradigm shift in the last half decade inspire the entrepreneurs to invest in online taxi booking business. The application which contains exceptional features entices the business owners and entrepreneurs which helps them to stand out of the competition.

  • Traffic Alert System

    Neither driver nor the customer likes to spend their precious time in a traffic jam. It creates problems for both. On demand taxi app provides the solution to this problem in an extraordinary way. Now drivers can get alert when there is traffic or any road blockage on their way to the destination. The drivers will get notified 2-3 km ahead of the roadblock to change their way or slow down their vehicle’s speed.

  • Trace Nearby Petrol Pumps

    Remember the days when the drivers have to walk an extra mile in the search of the petrol pump when their fuel tanks get empty? But now on demand taxi software can do this job for them. Now drivers can access the nearby petrol pumps and get their fuel tanks refilled. In this way, this single platform saves the time and money of drivers.

  • Get Nearby Mechanics Help

    The need for automobile repair is a very common problem faced by both driver and customer. What if it is night time and your vehicle stops? With on demand taxi business app, the driver can trace the nearby garages or can call the mechanics for help. The drivers can request for the mechanics’ help through in-app calling feature. This amazing feature provides a sigh of relief to the drivers as now they can travel without any stress.

  • Surety for Safe Journey

    During travel, the customers always give prime importance to their security. The security features are embedded in the cab booking app by keeping it in the mind. The customer can view the driver’s photo from their profile before starting their journey. They can know who is traveling with them in carpooling. In case of any suspicion, they can submit their complaint to the operator.

  • Online Taxi Booking System

    Oftenly customers face the problem like not getting the taxi or taxi is late. With the help of taxi driver app, they can book the cab nimbly. Now they have no need to wait for the specific day to book their ride. They can schedule the taxi arrival date and time and book it in advance after checking their availability status.

  • Real-time Taxi Tracking

    The customers generally ask the drivers, “When will I reach?” or “How much time will it take to reach?”. But now customers itself know the exact time and updated track which the driver is following. In case of traffic or any other obstacle, their reaching time will be updated accordingly.

The business owners who dream of expanding their business boundaries from a single platform to a global level, they always choose a taxi booking app development company wisely. They hire taxi app developers who can cater the best services according to their business requirements. If you also have the same business goals, share your requirements with ninja developers.

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