Brands / Companies That Use PHP

PHP is not only an open source scripting language but also the favorite tech stack for various developers and companies due to its flexible and large feature-set.

Today, top brands in the world like Wikipedia, Tumblr, Facebook, Zoom, Instagram, Slack, MailChimp, WordPress, Yahoo, Spotify, Paytm, Trivago, Indeed and many more are also using PHP in their technology stack.

companies that use php

PHP Market Share

Being a PHP web development company, we have developed numerous backend / APIs for the websites and mobile applications.

GOTESO has also built various on-demand realtime solutions to fulfill the industry needs like food / grocery delivery apps, taxi booking apps, courier / parcel delivery apps and many more. And all such apps & solutions have developed under the similar technology stack mainly in PHP and Laravel.

Apart From GOTESO, more than 79% of websites hosted on the servers all over the globe are built / developed using PHP.

Php Market Share

Team of Best PHP Developers

From the first day at Goteso, our developers are strongly & dedicatedly attached with PHP and its frameworks. And it’s been more than 8 years they are still using it and developing secure, scalable and stable systems for our clients according to their custom business requirements.

You can share the project requirement with the top PHP development company India, USA and get the budget-friendly & timely service from our best PHP developers. For more information, you can get in touch with us.

Best Php Developers

Know More About Our PHP Development Services

Get secure and safe backend development services from the expert PHP company.

PHP Consulting

Before starting a project, do you want to get answers for your backend doubts? Don’t worry we provide 15 minutes free consultation to our clients.

Custom PHP Development

Give your custom business requirement to us and get the secure, scalable and stable backend services.

Hire Dedicated PHP Developers

Leave your backend development headache on our associates, they will move the project according to your command.

API Development

Sync the mobile apps and website with the universal API access. Build the centralized API source for your client.

PHP Maintenance

Get the best PHP maintenance services from our dedicated developers. They will update your system as per your current and futuristic business needs.

PHP Support

Don’t panic for the breakdown, it’s normal when you are running the complex system. We are here to support you 24 X 7.

PHP Migration

Want to move your system / software on the best servers / places and worrying about the database / route stability? Just reach us before the migration, we are here to help you out.

Readymade Software / PHP solutions For Your Business Needs

Save the time and money from the custom development if you think the following products can help you.


Food Delivery App

This app/software/POS system will help you to run and manage an online food delivery business.

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Applicant Tracking System

This web/admin panel will be integrated in your website and will help you to track the job applicant. And will assist you in the better recruitment operations.

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Grocery Delivery App

This readymade app / POS system / website will assist you to start and manage an online grocery store / delivery business.

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Courier Service App

Using this app, you can accomplish all the courier business related activities like booking, delivery, staff, sales and other operations.

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Meat Delivery App

Run your online meat shop / store using this readymade software and be an edge over the competitors.

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Laundry Service App

Launch your online laundry and dry cleaning shop and manage the complete operations using the admin panel / app.

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Liquor Delivery App

Make the new revenue pipeline by taking your online liquor shop / store with our readymade app / POS system and website.

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Fruits / Vegetables Delivery App

Sell your fruits/veggies directly from your farm to the doorstep of the customers with this app / POS system / website.

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Want To Know More?

With the passage of time and providing unique business solutions to our clients, we have created few products that will help you to manage the complete business operations.

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Why Do You Need “GOTESO” for PHP Web Development Services?

We always want to make the bridge of trust with our clients that brings happiness everywhere.
These are the following attributes that help to bring it.

Clean Source Code With Directive Comments

From the first day, we always maintained the quality of source code with proper commenting and directive functions. So that your code is easily readable and useful for other developers.

Team of Dedicated & Smart People

You will get a feel of smartness when you will associate and work with our dedicated team members.

Watchdog for Project Progress

We have created our own Project Management Tool (PMT) where you can easily track the progress report of your ongoing project anytime.

Readymade / SAAS Based Solutions for Startups

We have several readymade / SAAS based software solutions for every kind of industry and business sectors. Now, every entrepreneur who is willing to do business can associate with us with a minimum investment.

Pocket-Friendly Pricing Models

A client can opt for any pricing models from the list of options like weekly / monthly pricing model, hourly-rate pricing model, and fixed / flat rate pricing model.

Utopian QA / Software Testing Team

Our software test engineers always search perfection in every phase of development mainly in design, code, or deployment.

FAQs About PHP Web Application Development

  • How much time will it take to complete a php website development project?

    As we know every client has their unique project requirements so time duration depends on various factors like complexity of project, customisation loops, add-ons and many more. And our project managers take the responsibility and always give their best to accomplish the project within deadline & budget.

  • It’s not easy to choose the right PHP development partner for the project needs but the following statements can help you in this matter.

    • If you have technical knowledge about PHP then you can ask a few technical questions from them and figure out how smart they are answering you.
    • You can check their recent work folios and see if something is relevant according to your project needs. And have they developed any readymade software solutions to fulfill the same industry needs.
    • You can check the client base of the company and with whom they are engaged.
    • You can check the reviews & ratings of the company and its people. Because good results are always given by smart people.

    Hope this will help you to make a good decision.

  • Cost of the project depends upon various factors like project complexity, feature requirements, add-ons, and many more. You can choose the company and hire the best PHP developers according to the engagement models.

  • Yes, you can take the source code for the PHP service projects.

  • Of Course yes, we have various engagement models to start your project development journey with us. You can hire our top PHP developers on the full time basis according to their experience and rate.

  • With the passage of time, we felt that nobody can give you the best project management tool because every company has their unique business processes & operations. To fulfill this progress tracking and monitoring, we have developed our own PMT tool where you can easily see the growth/completion rate and dependencies.

  • Yes, you can choose our AMCs for your custom project requirements. Our annual maintenance charges are pocket-friendly and customized according to the client’s business needs.

Hire PHP Developers Under Flexible Engagement Models

As a trusted PHP web development company India, Goteso has various engagement models that are customized according to the clients requirements. Let’s see which model can really suit your software development specifications.

Fixed Price Model

If your development requirement is small / medium in size then you can start the project with this fixed budget model without worrying about the number of hours spent by each team member.

Time and Material Model

This model is best suited if your project requirements are not fixed yet, or/and if it changes frequently. In this T&M model, you will get the bill according to the number of hours invested by each team member.

Milestone Based Model

Before starting any project, you can break the project into various milestones / benchmarks and make the payment accordingly after achieving each milestone.

Virtual / Remote Team Model

Now, you can build a remote / virtual team and hire the best minds all over the globe. Get the best designers, developers, testers, marketers and managers at budget-friendly rates.