Reasons behind the failure of online laundry service app like Washio

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Reasons Behind The Failure Of Online Laundry Service App Like Washio

Washio (or the name itself represents something is related to washing. Yes, We are talking about the Washio – Online Laundry Service App which started its journey in 2013 from Santa Monica, LA, to overcome the burden of laundry from the life of time-poor people. At the beginning of 3 years, the Washio was reaping the revenue fruits by offering the best quality service. The customers were also happy and getting the benefit of this online laundry delivery system provided by the Jordan Metzner.   Within 3 years, they reached to 7 cities of the US mainly in Boston, Washington D.C.  Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Oakland, and New York to expand their business boundaries with a potential customer base. What was the best thing which helps their business to get leads?

“Turnaround time of 24 hours from the pickup to delivery process”

Apart from this, Washio company had facing lots of business loopholes while the processing of orders. Instead of finding the appropriate solutions for their startup, they made their mind to discontinuation of the services by shutting down.

Newsletter From Washio

This is not a story of only Washio because this is only a vertical which is working with the on demand. We can also take the help to secure our ongoing laundry and dry cleaning business. Let’s discuss the primary reasons behind the failure of online laundry service app like Washio –

Quality Service Within Affordable Cost

Providing quality service is not a single time constraint where business owners think that they already achieved it with a good customer base. It is a consistent drug, if you won’t take it you will lose your business health or we can say retention of customers is an essential part which can be achieved nimbly via quality service.  Washio did the same mistake – at the early stage they focused on the quality service but later consistency behind quality had hidden in the pocket of expansion and revenue.

On-Time Delivery of Orders

The crucial part of on demand apps is a turnaround time / on-time delivery. If the customers don’t get the orders on time then there is no mean of that delivery. for e.g. a customer is getting ready for a party and waiting for the delivery agent for his suit which he wants to wear in a party and if the suit gets delivery after 2 days then what is the meaning of on-time delivery? Today, the laundry business owners are integrating the real-time location tracking feature during the process of laundry app development so that they can check the credibility of his delivery agent and streamline the business by achieving the on-time delivery badge.

Take the Responsibility of Good Ones

In online laundry marketplace, getting a huge number of vendors on an app can help you to deliver the service across the nation but sometimes a single bad review can spread the negative image of your business among your customers. For e.g., if a vendor is not providing the good service and also getting the negative impressions on your portal then this is a duty of admin to remove or disable their profile from the app. This is the responsibility of an owner to maintain the positive image of business by checking the trust and quality service rank of their vendors.  The sale of Washio was also decreased due to some local vendors who had given a poor service experience to the customers.

Herd Mentality In Business

Each business has its own directions, loopholes, challenges, principles, and procedures to determine growth and success but still, some people are following the herd’s mentality. Our uniqueness brings us out of the competition for e.g. a competitor of Uber, Gett is an online taxi booking app but the app hasn’t any surge related option. It means we can say Gett having a unique set of rules which makes it different from other competitors.

Build a Team of Trustworthy Employees

By Anne M. Mulcahy’s quote – “Employees are the greatest asset”, we need to understand the value of our people because nobody can do everything but everyone can do something and that would be sufficient for the growth of any organization. Invest in your people so that you can easily reap the revenue fruit.

So, these are a few common reasons behind the failure of online laundry service app like Washio. If you know some other reasons which can lead to failure then please share in comments. Apart from this story, the best mobile app development company can help you to build a perfect washio app clone. If you want to know more about the laundry app development cost and its key features then get in touch with us for a free consultation.

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