Dry Cleaning And Laundry Delivery Business App Development Cost With Key Features

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Dry Cleaning And Laundry Delivery Business App Development Cost With Key Features

We are the people of the 21st century who want to get everything on a single call with no pain. The concept of on demand apps is booming worldwide and changing the lives of people in managing daily basic needs. Today, almost everything is available online whether it is electronic goods, apparels, food delivery items or any kind of equipment.

Before 4-5 years, laundry guy used to come to our houses to pick dirty clothes for washing, ironing or dry cleaning, but time is totally changed now with the on demand laundry apps. Today, every business owner, student or working professional wants to spend his/her time on work productively, instead of wasting the time with other unnecessary household chores. Life is fast today where time-poor people need everything at breakneck speed.

And as per the need of today’s world, there are various laundry and dry cleaning apps that are already working successfully & generating high revenue. The list of top apps for laundry includes –

  • Cleanly
  • Rinse
  • Flycleaners
  • Laundrapp
  • Task Rabbit (this app also provide other on-demand services apart from laundry services)

According to the Statista report, the revenue of the laundry and dry cleaning services in 2017 was about 8029 million US dollars, which is expected to go up to 8.436,6 million US dollars by 2024.

To get the bulk order for laundry and dry cleaning of bed sheets, curtains, uniforms, and towels, the business owners can nimbly pitch hospitals or hotels with an online laundry delivery system to grow their business in the local niche market. Entrepreneurs can invest their money in on-demand laundry and dry cleaning delivery app development to get a feature-rich software solution that can help them raise their ROI.

Most of the on-demand laundry apps like Cleanly clone, uber for laundry, Getwashio app clone & Laundrapp Clone can be built between the price range of $10K – $80K. We are a dry cleaning and laundry app development company having ready-made & cost-effective solutions which can help both small-medium enterprises and well-established laundry and dry cleaning businesses.

What will the business owner get in an on demand laundry app?

  • Web Admin Panel
  • Client / Customer Facing App
  • Laundry & Dry Cleaning Delivery Agent App
  • Responsive Website For Online Ordering
  • Administrator / Business Owner App

Working terminology for these panels and apps are mentioned below.

  1. Client / Customer Facing App

    With this app, a client will signup in your portal with his/her name and mobile number with other valuable information like delivery address, email id, and gender etc. After successful login, they will choose the services whatever they want to get like washing and iron, washing and fold, ironing only, and dry cleaning only. They will choose the items with dirty clothes quantity and fix the pick-up and delivery time slot with scheduler panel. They can update their pick-up and delivery address at any time means they can choose different addresses for pick-up and delivery. They can easily track their order status and get a notification after the cleanly wash. After getting their delivery at their provided address they can make in-app payments with quality review submissions.

  2. Laundry & Dry Cleaning Delivery Agent App

    Using this app, a pick-up and delivery agent will login first to get the notifications for new scheduled orders. After getting a notification from the customer, they will reach the doorstep of the customer to pick-up some laundry bags. After the process of soft or hard wash, an agent will get the notification from owner to deliver these bags to appropriate address. An agent will verify the quantity and check the holes, rips, and tears in the clothes by updating the actual status of pick-up.

  3. Administrator / Business Owner App

    Using this app, an owner will accept new orders from customers and can manage both client and agent facing apps. With web admin panel, an owner can track their agents with ease, payments and manage the user base. An owner can easily add/edit categories with related products and price list at any time. Business owners can easily send marketing and promotional notification from admin panel to grow sales and ROI.

What are the key features of laundry and dry cleaning app?

1. Customer Account Setup Panel

Customers can register for an account using on demand laundry mobile app or website. There is the option on social account login as well.

2. Scheduling of Convenient Pickup & Delivery

Customers will choose the pickup and delivery time, address to schedule a laundry pickup at their doorstep.

3. Laundry Order Tracking System

Customers can track the status of their laundry from the orders page. All updates synced automatically in every device.

4. Promotional Notification Panel

Admin can send new offers & notifications to the customers at regular intervals. Notification is a good way to keep engaged with your customers.

5. Order History Records Maintenance

Customers can see the past history of all the previous laundry orders from the order page. They can check the bill and the details of the services they ordered.

6. Facility with Multiple Address Options

Customers can add multiple addresses in the address page and they can choose any address from the list while placing the order. It’s easy and fast.

7. Discount Coupons

Admin can add laundry discount coupons from the admin panel to provide various offers to keep the customers happy.

8. Online Supported Payment Gateways & In-App Payments

Customers can easily pay for their order with the inbuilt payment gateway. They simply need to add the details for the first time. They can change the card at any time.

9. Reviews

After successful completion of the laundry order, customers can leave a review feedback on the order details page. Reviews are a good way to know about the quality of your service.

10. In-App Chat Support

If customers are stuck at somewhere on your website or mobile app, then they have the option to contact you with built-in chatting page. Queries can be resolved in seconds using this chat feature.

Want to know more about laundry and dry cleaning app features?

Cost estimation for on demand laundry and dry cleaning app development

Laundry app development cost depends on the required features, but it would take approximately $10k – $80k for a quality product. How are we giving this estimate? The cost of app development is determined by the working hours spent on user interface designing, front-end development, back-end development, testing, and third-party library integrations.

By an app development survey worldwide, it takes 120-180 hours for interface designing. After the completion of interface designing part, developers build its front-end which also done under 750 – 1000 hours & at last approx. 220 hours will take the back-end developers for smooth and seamless execution.

In short, we can say that a custom laundry and dry cleaners app will roughly cost somewhere between $10k – $80k for great business startup.

Want to know how our laundry app works?

Watch this video to know more-

So, are you ready to disrupt the local niche market? Get a free quotation from top mobile app developers now!

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