10 Secret strategies to increase your sale with online laundry delivery system

Updated -   February 1, 2021 at 5:48 pm   |  5960 Views
Secret Strategies To Increase Your Sale With An Online Laundry Delivery System

Laundry and dry cleaning are the necessities of every single individual. During the downturn in the economy, people can stop purchasing new garments but they won’t stop wearing clean clothes. The laundry business is found to be escalating by leaps and bounds because this field has been least impacted by the recession. But still, some business owners are not able to reap the expected profits. The major reason behind the failure of online laundry service is that they haven’t incorporated their business with the Uber for X model. According to Statista reports, the revenue of laundry business in the U.S. in 2010 was $7370 million which is expected to be amounted to $7660 million by 2022.

In the present time, apps like Cleanly and Laundrapp are generating high revenues. This is why most entrepreneurs are planning to hire a laundry delivery service app development company to build an application that can help them to meet their business goals. If you are also one of them, then we have come up with few tactics that can help you to increase your productivity and scale up your business with a Cleanly App clone.

Secret strategies to enhance your business with online laundry delivery system

Enhance customer experience with remarkable services

People these days are living a hectic life. They don’t have enough energy and time to invest in household chores such as laundry after working hours. In this case, your laundry and dry cleaning business management software can offer them relief from washing clothes and ironing them. They just have to open your app in their smartphones and book a laundromat to avail your laundry services. This will eliminate the need of visiting the laundry store to get their clothes washed and enable them to enjoy your doorstep pickup and delivery cleaning services.

Additionally, customers can place an order in two categories — urgent and regular. Urgent laundry delivery services will take up to 8 hours which will be a bit costlier than regular services that promise to make deliveries within 48 hours. Your laundry delivery app services will offer the convenience to the customers which will enhance their experience too. It will also allow you to earn extra money if the customers demand an urgent delivery of their order.

Real-time analytics for the business growth

Since every business owner seeks to grow their sales, the same goes for laundry business too. A laundry app won’t only help you to increase the reach of your laundry business, but also allow you to perform various operations like tracking sales, revenue, and profits. Using this analytics, you will be able to make further decisions for the improvement and success of your business.

Get Large Scale Brand Recognition

Every entrepreneur aims to expand their business boundaries. The laundry delivery service app assist the laundromats in building up laundry and dry cleaning chains and an aggregator. A feature-rich laundry app enables them to get track-record of each store, their employees and various activities. Adopting these business models, the business owners can get a large base of customers in a short span of time and generate high revenue.

Increase customer’s satisfaction with push notifications

Customers love to get informed about the real-time status of their orders. On demand laundry delivery app will allow you to send push notifications to your customers regarding the pickup and delivery of their garments. You can also notify them with every checkpoint of your laundry services like order received, picked up, under process, dispatched and delivered etc to make them stay updated with their order. Remember, the more a customer stays updated, the more valued they will feel. You can also send time to time notifications to the customers about the deals and coupons you will offer to them using the app. It won’t only attract their attention towards your services, but also allow you to stay engaged with them.

Allow your customers to track garments nimbly

Garment tracking is one of the essential features for the success of your online laundry services. Integrating a real-time tracking tool in your laundry app will help your customers to know the state of their clothes which will enhance their trust towards your business. The app will also eradicate the risk of wrong delivery or garment lost as these kinds of errors can cost you a potential customer and obviously the compensation cost (as after the garment loss, it automatically becomes a very expensive one).

Improve sales with an automated cost calculator

The customers are always eager to know the cost of the services prior to availing them. So, including a cost calculator will allow them to estimate the cost of your services before placing the order. Fair prices will help you attract more customers which will result in increased sales and revenue.

Reorder feature to save customers time

The more convenience you offer, the more satisfy the customer will be. Customers should have details of all the orders so that they could place an order for the same service with a single tap. They can still customize their order as per their requirements before making payment for the services.

Offer multiple payment options

Nowadays, the people look for a secure and easy way to proceed with the payments. By incorporating multiple payment gateways in on demand laundry delivery app helps the laundromats to flourish the business with secure and streamlined transactions. It provides the customers multiple options to pay for the services like via internet banking, credit cards, debit cards, PayTm, Paypal, Stripe or Bitcoins etc. It also eliminates the problem of late payments and helps you to monitor & manage all your transactions easily.

The in-app integrated chat system

Including chat or calling feature in your online laundry delivery app will allow your customers to interact with the store manager to get instant updates of their order. The customers can also discuss payment or other service related issues with him/her to get them resolved promptly.

Customer’s ratings and feedback

The feedback portal included in your on demand laundry delivery app will play a significant role to enhance your customer retention. Using this feature, they can share their experience of your services which will help you to figure out what changes you need to bring in your online business. The customers will also be able to rate your laundrymen according to their performance and you will get familiarized with the laundromats who are performing the best and helping you to lead your business towards success.

The above-mentioned are some of the strategies that you must implement to run your online laundry business efficiently and smoothly.

In this cut-throat competition, it is high time to build a strong online business presence with a feature-rich laundry and drycleaning development services provided by Indian app developers. For any query regarding the advanced laundry features or laundry app development cost, you can drop an email at info@goteso.com. Our top-notch laundry app developers will get in touch with you soon.

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