Why Do Travellers Love To Get A Car On Rent Instead Of Booking It?

Updated -   December 21, 2020 at 12:10 pm   |  2411 Views
Why Do Travellers Love To Get A Car On Rent Instead Of Booking It

The concept of private car rental app has been popular in the USA, UK, and Europe for so long, but when it comes to India; this trend is rising. Car rental is becoming a popular option and is often used by more and more travelers. And these days, hiring a car on rent is not limited to hiring a driver as well. With a self drive car app like Zoomcar, Drivzey, or Myles; you can easily book a car according to your budget and convenience. The main feature of this vehicle rental service is that the hassle of dealing with drivers comes to an end.

No doubt, many of us rent a cab/taxi from the local taxi spots and that too at a fixed price. The cost of the driver and one-way tier is quite high as compared to these self-drive cars. And the main element which is not covered in this is privacy and a sense of security. The online car rental system allows you to choose your desired car by just registering on the app, uploading the driving license, and other relevant ID proof. This process is followed by a rental agreement that mentions the car details, the user, usage per hour along with terms and conditions. And there you are, all set to go..!!

Today, we are here with a few reasons how this car rental management system is better than booking local taxis. Let’s take a look..!!

  • Freedom

    Opting for a self-drive rental car eliminates the unnecessary fuss out of a trip as it gives you complete freedom to be the boss. You can leave whenever you want to, stop by wherever you want to, and you don’t have to worry about being in a rush as you don’t have to deal with a driver or a running meter. You can stop, explore, and enjoy your time to the fullest.

  • Saves Money

    Contrary, many people think that rental cars are costly; brands like Zoomcar or Myles easily prove that they charge half of what a local taxi stand charges you. Plus, if you are not thinking to buy your car and being occupied with the monthly EMIs; then what can be better than this. E.g. A self-drive car for the whole day with a limit of 250 km is usually available for less than 2500, while the local taxi stands will charge you more than Rs. 3000 for the same.

  • Privacy

    We usually have weekends to spend with our families or the time we get on a vacation. And you can’t even have a conversation with enough freedom in front of a driver who noses around you. With this, you are not even able to stop by at different spots and enjoy the moment. The car rental application delivers the ease to enjoy the journey with our family and friends and that too without any third person’s interference.

  • Safety

    Drivers are least paid and they usually work for overtime hours in the car rental business. So, you can’t always be sure about the driver’s condition and you have to tell him not to drive rash. While driving a car by own, you have everything in your control.

  • Offers

    Usually, car rental apps send you discount offers and the same somehow double your savings.

  • Convenience

    Last but not least, self-drive cars can be picked anytime on an hourly, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. You can choose from hatchbacks to SUVs and luxury cars. And every car associated with them is fully insured and payments can be easily processed through online gateways. So, that was a brief overview of how these car hire apps are the finest alternatives to the local taxi services.

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