7 Steps to starting an eCommerce business

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Start eCommerce business

Starting an eCommerce business can seem daunting due to the hard work involved in the process. But, this should not stop you, as an entrepreneur, from moving towards your goal of establishing an online brand.

To help you build and launch a successful eCommerce business, we have created a comprehensive 7-step guide.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the details:

Step 1: Explore the best eCommerce business ideas and choose the products/services to sell online

The first step is to decide what products/services you want to sell online. To help you with this crucial decision, we have listed some profitable eCommerce business ideas for you to explore:

To Sell Products Online:

To Sell Services Online:

Have you already decided on the products or services for your eCommerce business? Congrats! You are already one step ahead.

Step 2: Select the suitable business model

(A) Single Store/Shop Based Model

This model is suitable for you if you have a single store/shop or fulfill all the orders yourself.

(B) Vendor Based/ Aggregator Business Model

If you provide an online platform to the other vendors/sellers and allow them to sell their items/services, this eCommerce business model is for you. In this case, you will earn on a commission basis.

(C) Multi-Store Based Model For Business Chains

If you own multiple stores/branches and you allow customers to buy products/services from any store/branch based on location, etc. Then, this business model is for you.

Selected the appropriate business model? You are good to go to step 3.

Step 3: Find your competitors in the market, research, and devise a business plan

When it comes to business, thorough research about your competitors is necessary to stand out. For example,

  • Find out what their business specialty is. Or what unique do they offer?
  • Find out their target customers
  • Check the prices/discounts that they offer for the products/services.
  • You can also go a bit further, and read customer reviews of your competitors to know their strengths or weaknesses.

Done analysis and gained insights about your competitors? You are ready to devise a plan for your eCommerce business.

Step 4: Choose the type Of eCommerce Solution

Selecting an eCommerce solution for you depends on your business requirements and budget.

A) Custom Solution

If you want a tailor-made solution as per your business requirements and are not short on financial resources, you can opt for the custom solution.
To build a custom eCommerce website/ mobile app based on your business needs, you can get in touch with us anytime.

B) Pre-made/ SaaS Based Solution

If you are in the initial stage of your business and are looking for a cost-effective solution, you can opt for the SaaS-based eCommerce Solution.

Step 5: Set up your eCommerce Business

For setting up your business online, you need to decide the channels through which you want to receive the orders. Decide whether you need to target your customer base using a website or need an app as well.

Launch an eCommerce website

When it comes to designing/ developing a website, responsive designs are of utmost importance to provide your customers good user experience both on desktop & mobile.

Want to know more about eCommerce website development?

Go for Mobile eCommerce

With the growing popularity of mobile apps, investment in mCommerce has also increased. The eCommerce apps have become a go-to option for business people to gain a large customer base.

Interested in the best mobile app development services?

Step 6: Manage Delivery

Managing delivery/Shipment/logistics tasks is a crucial step for the success of the eCommerce business. A happy customer base, in the end, depends on accurate and on-time deliveries.

Need a delivery fleet management software to simplify this task?

Everything sorted out about the process of starting your own eCommerce business? But what about marketing and increasing your business reach? Move to step 7.

Step 7: Market your eCommerce business

Once you set up your eCommerce store, proper marketing/promotion of your business is essential to let your target customers know about your products/services.

To learn more about this, you can read the blog- How to build a strong online business presence for marketing success?

Do you already own a brick-and-mortar store and worrying about managing the offline & online sales separately?

Need not worry! You can get a cloud-based pos system that lets you unify all sales in a single place.

Do you still have any queries or want to start your eCommerce business? Get in touch with us now! We would love to help.

Need some tips to grow your eCommerce business?

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