How to build successful online food ordering and delivery business like Talabat, HungerStation, or Otlob with an app?

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How To Start Online Food Ordering And Delivery App Business Like Talabat, HungerStation Or Otlob

Talabat, HungerStation, and Otlob are the online food ordering and delivery business apps which help the users to find the nearby restaurant with multiple food options. These apps are running successful operations in middle eastern countries like Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, and Jordan. Foodies on these platforms can easily access the number of restaurants by filtering cuisines, delivery time, ratings, minimum order value, payment options or nearby restaurant name.

Talabat is the part of Delivery Hero which is global online food ordering and delivery business marketplace. It is founded in 2004 by a small group of entrepreneurs in Kuwait. Today, Talabat is the largest and famous food ordering and delivery app in the Jordan, GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region and building a vast network from customers to restaurants that ready to cater quality foods at best price.

HungerStation is online food ordering and delivery app available in 32 countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. It is an affiliated brand of global food ordering and delivery marketplace foodpanda.

Otlob is also giving online food ordering and delivery business marketplace to restaurant owners to streamline their food ordering business in Cairo, Alexandria, the Delta and Upper Egypt. It is launched in 1999 and one of the oldest e-commerce platforms in the Middle East.

How these food aggregators earn profits?

Most of the food aggregator earn profits on the generation of successful orders. They didn’t charge any amount from the customer but gets the order generation fees from restaurant partner. Order generation fees or commission may vary from 10% to 30%.

How to streamline your food delivery business with online food ordering system?

  1. Centralized Dashboard Panel

    Under centralized dashboard panel, you can easily manage all kind of business activities in a single app either it is related with your inventory, staff and management, product management, or order management.

  2. Online Menu Manager

    As everyone knows the menu is calling card of your restaurant. You can easily add, edit and delete menu items quickly using menu manager. Update the new cuisines from kitchen to menu card fast and quickly.

  3. Order Management

    Getting online order is an easy and time-saving process. You can get multiple orders simultaneously using an app and easily track the order as per your convenience. You can also update the current status of an order in real time. When an order is delivered, you can easily remove the order from the stack.

  4. Real-Time Delivery Management

    You can update the status of order delivery in real time. If a delivery agent is getting late due to the crowd and other issues then you can send delay related notifications to the customer. Online food ordering software can help you to track each delivery report in a real-time manner.

  5. Business Analytics

    Insights and analytics are most important key factors in the success of any business. If we have complete business analytics and insights then we can easily take the decision for the future plan like –

    • Why is an uncertain problem arising?
    • What is future of your business?
    • How can you resolve the problem?
    • When you earn maximum revenue?

How online food ordering software help customers?

  • Customers can easily search the nearby restaurant with various search filters like cuisines, delivery time, ratings, minimum order value, payment options or nearby restaurant name.
  • Customers can pay the bill amount using various modes like credit card, debit card, net banking, PayPal, stripe, COD or bitcoin.
  • Customers can get the benefit of promotion and discount vouchers from a restaurant.
  • A customer can place the order at the time of their need. Immediate delivery and scheduled delivery help the customer to get the delivery of items at their doorstep at a required time.
  • Customers can ask their queries and issues 24 X 7 using live chat tool.
  • A customer can add multiple delivery addresses as per their convenience.

If you are also planning to disrupt the local food delivery market, hire the top food delivery app development company which can help you to build your custom app.

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