How to resolve logistics problem in online grocery delivery business

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How To Resolve Logistics Problem In Online Grocery Delivery Business

With intense competition, every e-tailing business is getting strong online business presence to target potential consumers in their local niche market. Each B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumers) business in grocery retailing are adopting uber for x model to raise their monthly revenue and sales with better customer engagement techniques.

Today, on demand economy has fuelled the e-tailing market to get their business online to cater all the primary and secondary needs in household chores. Most of the business owners, entrepreneurs and a venture capitalist investing their time into grocery delivery app development to disrupt the grocery retailing market. As per the A.T. Kearney’s Global Retail Development Index 2017, India got the first rank among the 30 developing countries in GRDI with 71.7 score rate.


In this on demand economy era, every business owner is aware of the fact that technology guarantees the success of their business and helps them to capture additional consumer wallet. Grocery owners are managing business flow with online grocery store software to streamline all operations in grocery sector but the problem arises when this kind of flows won’t work by following traditional business approach. for e.g. a poor logistics planning can give you unexpected results like excessive expenditures, order turnaround time, lack of customer retention and wastage of delivery efforts.  That’s why it becomes very important for the grocery retailer to understand business logistics management with the help of the grocery delivery app.

Logistical Challenges in Online Grocery Delivery

Customers who are engaged in purchasing grocery online always demand timely and reliable delivery. E-grocers have the responsibility to fulfill their expectations by ensuring convenient logistical services at affordable price. Grocery also includes certain kind of perishable items like fruits and vegetables, so the delivery guy needs to deliver an order in time to satisfy the customer.

How to resolve logistics problem in online grocery delivery business?

  • Partnership with Third Party Logistics (3PL)

    If you don’t want to get a headache of the delivery process or haven’t proper resources to manage it then hire any third party logistics in your local area for reliable, fast and efficient delivery.  You can also track the location of third-party logistics vendor in real time by investing your money in grocery app development.

  • Hire In-house Delivery Guy

    You can also hire a smart delivery guy who knows how to deliver the order in a professional and smart way which can also help you to get new business leads. Now, your customers can track their order from an app in real-time mode.

You should make sure that your logistics processes including transportation or other aspects of delivering grocery from store to customer doorstep; should be as efficient as possible. It will surely positively improve your relations with customers. The best solution to this problem is to build a custom application for custom needs which can help you to manage the business includes customer app, business owner app, admin app, and delivery agent app.


On demand grocery delivery app development created the biggest revolution in retail industry and experts at Goteso are very optimistic that this trend will continue in the upcoming decade. It is a suggestion to grocery retailers that they should leverage the digital retail channel having all features. It would surely enable them to spend less money in managing logistics while targeting customers even in tier-2 and tier-3 cities.

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