3 Best Online Food Ordering Software For Restaurants In 2022

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best online food ordering systems for restaurants

The talk about on-demand delivery or quick commerce is all over the place these days. And in the food & restaurant industry as well, we are seeing great strides towards this on-demand economy. Today, Online food delivery is a billion-dollar market. And with each passing day, various food delivery apps cloud kitchen startups are coming and growing with this growing market.

As a restaurant/food business owner, you can also tap into this flourishing market with an online food ordering system. Here, we have curated a list of some of the best online food ordering systems for you to go through and choose the most suitable one for your restaurant business needs.

But, before going into the details, let us brush up on some basics.

Let’s first understand-

What is an online food ordering system?

An online food ordering system is a software solution that allows you to receive online orders for your restaurant or food business, process these orders, manage sales, and deliver the food efficiently to your customers.

Want to know, How can an Online Food Ordering System help you scale up your Restaurant Business?

Now, let’s take a step forward and have a look at the deciding factors when choosing the best food delivery software for your restaurant.

Key Decisive factors for selecting the best online food ordering system


When investing in food ordering software, consider every aspect of the pricing and find all the costs involved. For example, check if you need to pay the one-time fee or there is an ongoing monthly/annual subscription fee. Also, note if there is any setup fee or hosting charge. Furthermore, dig a bit deeper to find any hidden fee aspect. Based on that approximate figure, decide whether the online ordering system pricing fits your budget or not.


Your food business will grow with time and will not stay on the same level at which you start. So, make sure to check the scalability scope of the software. Opt for a food ordering system that can grow with your growing business needs.

Enough basics discussed now! We are now ready to explore the list of best food ordering systems.

Top 3 Online Food Ordering Systems for Restaurants and Food Businesses

1. Ordefy

Best Online Food Ordering System For Restaurants Overall

Ordefy online food ordering system for restaurants

What makes Ordefy the ‘Best Overall’ in the category of food ordering systems is – the features that make it suitable for every kind of restaurant and food business. Whether you are a single restaurant owner, cloud kitchen owner, a restaurant chain owner, or a restaurant/food aggregator, Ordefy is suitable for you.

On Ordefy, you will get your branded website and branded Android/iOS customer apps to sell food online to your customers. It also provides a delivery agent app using which your delivery persons can view and manage their delivery tasks.

Ordefy also has a merchant app where your restaurant managers can log in and manage their restaurant orders & other related things.

And being the business owner, you can manage all customers, orders, restaurants, and delivery agents from the admin dashboard.

Even if you want to manage your in-person and online sales in one place, you can easily do that using Ordefy’s POS app.

Pricing:- Ordefy offers three plans starting from 49 USD/month to 199 USD/month. It also charges a one-time setup fee for Android/iOS customer apps which can be waived off if you are purchasing the annual subscription.

Trial Period:- 7 Days free trial.

2. Gloriafood

Cheapest Online Ordering System

Gloriafood food ordering system

Gloriafood is one of the cheapest food ordering systems available in the market. It even offers a free plan, which means you can start taking orders online without paying any money. All you have to do is, add a widget to your existing website. And you are ready to accept online orders & make advanced table reservations at your restaurant.

The only downside is that this free plan is quite limited. And you would have to eventually move to the paid plan if you want to accept online/ credit card payments from the customers for the orders.

Pricing:- Gloriafood offers multiple add-ons to their free plan. And you will have to pay a monthly charge for these add-ons. Their ‘Online / Credit Card Payment’ add-on feature costs 29 USD/month. And if you need branded mobile apps for your restaurant, it would cost you 59 USD/month.

3. Upmenu

Best online ordering system for single restaurant

Upmenu online ordering system

Upmenu provides you with your own website and branded mobile app to take online orders for delivery, takeaway & dine-in. On Upmenu, you get multiple menu layouts & website themes to choose from for your restaurant. You can also install the Upmenu system on your existing website by adding some code to the website.

Pricing plans of Upmenu are on a per month per-premises basis i.e. per month per restaurant basis. It means that prices can add up quickly if you own multiple restaurants. It makes Upmenu more suitable as software for single restaurant owners and somewhat less suitable for restaurant chain owners.

Pricing:- Upmenu offers three pricing plans starting from the basic plan of $49/month/premises to the premium plan of $169/month/premises.

Trial Period:- Upmenu offers a 7-day free trial.

These are our top 3 picks on online food ordering systems if you need a ready-made SaaS-based system/software for your restaurant business. These systems are made according to the general requirements of the restaurant/food businesses. If you are looking for a system/software perfectly tailored to your business needs, you can always invest in a custom online food ordering system.

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